Using NotePlan with Agenda



I just got introduced to NotePlan (literally two days ago) and currently exploring the features to see if it’s a tool I’ll like to continue long term. Although I see some overlap with Agenda, I like the use of markdown with the note type editor for reminders/tasks management within NotePlan. I don’t see myself taking meeting notes within NotePlan as I’ll use Agenda for that functionality.

I am curious to learn if anyone else is coming from Fantastical, 2Do, Apple Notes, and Bear and trying to incorporate Agenda and NotePlan into their current workflow. I’ve basically incorporated Agenda with the major blocker being the iPad app (but I know this should be solved soon).

Any feedback and thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


Walter …


Hi Walter,

I haven’t used Agenda much in combination with the apps you mention myself, best for others to chime in. I did want to mention some pointers that you might find helpful:

  • While it’s not a markdown based system, Agenda does support markdown for entering and formatting text, lists, etc. see here

  • Likewise as part of the premium features you can export and copy notes as markdown as well.

  • Here’s a topic that talks about 3rd party integration, and this one is about syncing between Agenda and other apps, for example by making use of sharing extensions

Hope that helps!


These links are awesome - appreciate you taking the time to include them in your response.

Turns out I will not be using NotePlan. It’s not feature rich enough to replace any one particular tool and the value add for the notes portion doesn’t make sense given that I’m found/using Agenda. :blush:

Using NotePlan reminds me of the following phrase: “Jack of all trades, master of none” :thinking:


I’m coming from 2Do, & wondering if I can get that & Agenda to work together in iOS


I’m currently using both NotePlan & Agenda. I do something similar: I use Agenda for all my meetings and basic notes.
However, I use NotePlan as a “Bullet Journal” where I create links from the daily tasks into the notes. For example:

  1. I have a monthly log note, weekly log note, and index links which i ‘copy & paste’ into each day log so i have quick access into daily notes and mitigate tasks i dont complete to the next day.
  2. I also link notes like bdays or names i learn and have a hard time remembering
    I agree that its not a great primary note taking platform. I think Agenda is much better for that. Even though its not a primary “markdown” platform its support for MD is still great as I personally prefer to use it. I also like that I can link into the calendar.
    For me, both make my macbook my driver to stay on target, and its nice i can see both on my iphone.
    Agenda > Noteplan


Does it make sense to use agenda and note plan together? I just downloaded noteplan and test the app


This is a nice combination. Although I use Agenda and Omnifocus. But this could be an alternative. Others use Agenda and Things 3.


I don’t see any problem with it. Just that Agenda and Noteplan has lots of similarities especially with the calendar features. So I tend to use other Task Management apps. I use omnifocus, others Things. Or maybe, Reminders.