French Localization

Hi, Am new to Agneda for IOS and Mac and already a fan ! Probably soon a premium user.
Congratulations on this fantastic app.

1 : I am French and can easily help you with translating , If you need me just tell me
2 : I am also a happy user of THINGS ( I used to have OMNIFOCUS as GTD but it gets too complicated for my usage now). THINGS is just fine for me. What’s best way such as a share sheet to export from AGENDA to THINGS. Copy/paste is a bit fastidious ?
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Hi Michel,

Thanks for your offer to help translate. I have added you to a list and we will be in contact at some point.

There is a Share… option if you tap the cog button at the bottom of a note. You can send a file to another app. Is that what you were looking for, or were you wanting to add a link to Things?


Quick addition regarding Things integration, see also these topics:

Hi Drew

Yes I know that cog button which enables for example to create a PDF file but this is not what I want.
If there is an action with a due date or deadline decided at a meeting ( notes in agenda ) I want to send this action maybe as a link then to Things and then set the day I want this to be done.

Any idea ?


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I see. Yes, that deep integration is not there yet. We will probably target Reminders first for this treatment, but may add options for other apps further down the track. Thanks for the feedback.

Salut Michel
Tu peux éviter le copier / coller en envoyant par mail ta note (ou ton extrait de note) à Things en utilisant la fonctionnalité MailToThings. C’est une bonne première étape …

Hi Michel
You can avoid copy/paste by sending you note to Things via MailToThings fonctionnality. That’s a first step …

I can help to translate in French too. Two Michel are better than only one :wink:

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En activant les extensions Things dans les préférences systèmes puis en redémarrant Agenda, j’ai un menu Share / Add to Things qui répond, je pense, au besoin d’intégration avec Things.

Ma précédente réponse (MailToThings) était juste mais trop rapide.

I have activated Things extensions in System Preferences then launched again Agenda. There is a “Add to Things” item in Share menu. I think this answers integration with Things need.

My first answer (MailToThings) was right but a bit too quick.

Thanks for the offer to help translate. I will note it down, and we will get in contact when we start.

Kind regards,

We’re happy to let you know that we are now ready to start the work on translating Agenda to French. In the past you have indicated you’d be interested to help us, if that’s still the case it would be great if you could leave a post in the topic we’ve created or let us know your thoughts:

Again, thank you so much for your kind offer to help!

Hi Alexander,

I am no longer using Agenda ! Sorry but I am not looking for day based notes anymore and I have switched to the basic notes app provided by Apple. Wishing you and team the very best of success with Agenda

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No problem Michel, thanks for getting back to us.
Best wishes,