Linking Airmail 3 and Things 3

They are not showing up for me for some reason. Hmmm

They are not showing up for me for some reason. Hmmm

Depends on which apps you’ve installed and whether you have their sharing extensions enabled in the system preferences under “Extensions”:

We would indeed like to bring sharing extensions in the future that would allow you to bring content into Agenda.

and while we are on the topic, what about Fantastical?

Agenda works nicely with Fantastical, see Opening events in third-party calendar apps - #16 by mekentosj

Are the sharing Extension on iOS on the roadmap too?

This is not working for me. Dragging a task into Agenda creates a text entry in Agenda.

Using the Mac-Version

Not working here either! iOS11 on iPad Pro.

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We indeed hope to bring a true sharing extension down the road.

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:face_with_raised_eyebrow: When will this be coming to iOS?

I believe the 2.0 update we shipped yesterday should allow you to do the same on iOS

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Ya baby! Oops. I shouldn’t get so excited, but…Thanks guys. This ‘thing’ only gets better!

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Thanks for this.