URL schemes to jump to key parts of the app

I’d like the URL scheme to support jumping to specific parts of the app, so I can set up Workflows (soon Siri Shortcuts on iOS), Keyboard Maestro macros (macOS), and links from other apps to take a specific action.

For example:

  • Today: agenda:///today
  • On the Agenda: agenda:///on
  • Search: agenda:///search?note=[text]&title=[title]&date=[date]
  • Projects: agenda:///project?name=[project name]

Thanks, we have plans in this direction indeed, see also:

Please consider search possibility based on tags. (For the two types)
In my use of agenda i tag notes based on location and peoples … I would LOVE to have the possibility to search by tag in order to filter my projects’s notes by peoples like in this article :
In short : assign an URL to each contact into Contacts app and jump directly to agenda with custom view showing the Projects and notes tagged with this specific name.

Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll do our best