Better integration with Reminders

Is it possible that I can link an entire project to a list in Reminders that way, whenever I create a checklist in Agenda, those items are automatically synced with a list in reminders? The current workflow, selecting something I typed (regardless if it is a todo item), then linking it one at a time to a new reminder, is a bit tedious. If this integration was more seamless, I could essentially use Agenda as our main interface into Reminders. A seamless marriage of a notes app and a todo list (even the ability to sync projects and groups between both) has been a dream of mine and many others I know… I have a lot of ideas about how this could work as a UX professional, so I’d be happy to chat about it further.

Just know that this seamless design where we don’t have to duplicate projects between notes and todos is something a TON of people would be interested in.


I’m not sure the answer, and look forward to the official reply, but FYI, some folks would prefer to selectively send to Reminders. Here are a few topics regarding using Reminders:

You can’t do that, and I’m not even sure it would be desirable. It’s not our goal to replace Reminders, or Things, or other to-do apps. If you want to use Agenda checklists for task management, you should do that — I do — but if you are very focussed on Reminders, it’s fine to do that type of task management there.

The functionality that Agenda has is basically to allow you to setup some alarms via the official system. It would be ungainly, even if the UI were OK, to simply build a copy of Reminders into Agenda.

How I use this is to put my task lists in Agenda, where I have a lot of space and can include other content. A few of those items may have a deadline, or be more important. I might type \remind on those lines.

Or you can consider the whole note to be one unit, and couple it to some deadline in your calendar.

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Thanks Drew, although that was a bit more dismissive than I expected.

Perhaps I should step back and explain my challenges (and that of 5+ coworkers who have been searching for the same note taking/to do list solution for years now).

Like many, I’m sure, I have 10+ work projects going on simultaneously. Plus maybe 5+ home projects.

I am an obsessive note taker. I recently discovered Agenda and it’s 80% of what I’m looking for in a note taking app. Which is amazing. So far, better than all other tools I’ve used in this capacity.

I like being able to create to-do lists in my project notes. However, what I’m missing is a view of all my upcoming todos, across all of my projects. Given the my current Agenda setup, and please correct me if you think I’m using it wrong, I create new projects and add my notes/calendar items for each project. I add todos to my notes. But given the view I’m looking for (all todos across all projects for the day, week, etc.), I have to essentially recreate all of my projects in Todoist, or Reminders, or whatever todo app I’m using. I’m looking for a way to avoid this duplicative work. One place to create new projects, one place to see all notes, one place to see project-specific todos, and one place to see ALL todos easily. If this is not aligned with your goals, so be it, my search continues. At some point I may just resort to building it myself (a perk of working with 7,000 devs ;)).

Thanks for listening.


Also, I assure you, I’ve mocked this up in 10 different ways (a hybrid notes/todo app)–neither the UI or experience are ungainly if you’re open-minded. Thanks.

I also have tons of projects open at once, 30+ at any given time. I end up using two calendars for my workflow. One for team meetings and client meetings (outlook calendar shared with my team), and another for my deadlines (second outlook calendar) with these projects wherein I link notes to each calendar accordingly.

For to do items I generally produce them after meetings and make a checklist in agenda and link the title to a Reminder notification (deadline) that will show up in the calendar in agenda.

What I would like is a reminder notification for the upcoming deadline I originally created, for example 1 week before due or 2 days before due. I like the fact that I can see them in the built in calendar since agenda syncs my outlook calendars but things do slip through the cracks.

That being said, you can add reminder notifications for calendar created events but not for reminders added into iOS reminders app as we generally use in agenda.

There is some functionality on the roadmap to have an overview of all unchecked items. What that looks like and when it will arrive, I believe only Drew knows.

As of today, it’s up to you to structure your notes in such a way that you can produce an overview that suits your needs. For example, a common pattern for me is to add a #next tag for any notes that contain next actions – and usually I consolidate all next actions for a given project into a single note for that project. Then I have an overview for #next which returns all of those notes, so I can essentially get a high-level overview of the different project plans. The new “cut unchecked” command is super helpful for this – I can be working on a note that’s On The Agenda, and when I have to stop and take it off the Agenda, cut the unchecked items and paste them into my project plan note.

There are two ways that I know of to view date-based upcoming reminders: one is to use dated notes, and the other is to use \remind to create an entry in In the case of dated notes, all views are broken out by project so you can’t really get a chronological timeline of all upcoming todos. Using \remind, you need to look at the Scheduled section in to see that timeline.

Would you be willing to share some example todos you have, and the kind of view you’d like to see, and we can try to come up with a note structure that gets you there?

Agenda’s possible functionality-combinations can be daunting at times. But this also means that your perfect system is most probably in there, somewhere. More importantly, Agenda has the flexibility to adapt.

I tried several “set-ups” and found that - for now - this one really works for me.

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I don’t think we are that far apart. It sounded like you were just asking us to embed Reminders in Agenda, and that doesn’t seem very smart. If you need Reminders, you should just use reminders, and perhaps put links to notes in agenda. Or link some items in your Agenda lists to Reminders. Or use the calendars. There are plenty of options there.

Your new post elucidates for me that you are perhaps after something different. A sort of summary of all the incomplete work you have. We have plans to do this. We want to improve the searching and filtering so you can get such a summary view (“just show me unchecked list items”). It’s not a small project, we do very much want to do it, and it will be very powerful. You could save that as an overview, and have places to instantly see incomplete work or other “summaries”.