Adding tasks to Apple Reminders priority issue


Being able to add tasks from Agenda notes to Reminders directly is a hugely useful feature. But when I use it, the reminder created automatically gets a priority setting: “Normal”. I would much prefer it if the default setting was “None”. Is this something that could be tweaked from inside Agenda?


At the moment this isn’t possible I’m afraid, we’ll take it on board to see if it makes sense to add this option.

Thanks. For me it would also suffice is a task was set without priority by default, but maybe this is an issue on the side of reminders rather than agenda.

Yes, the framework sets the default value to normal.

I’m sorry, it turns out I was wrong. Agenda actually does not set a priority. It is the default from within reminders, but Agenda defaults to ‘no priority’ (as I prefer).
Forget I asked, and thanks for being so responsive.

Ah ok, good to know, thanks for the follow up!