Does Agenda sync with latest Apple Reminders?

I’ve been reading online from almost all To-Do type apps that they can’t sync with Apple Reminders since the latest release of Apple Reminders. Is this true for Agenda as well?
I’d like to see my Reminders in a Calendar-style format (on my mac, i{hone and iPad), along with my scheduled events. There’s no way for me to verify this without purchasing the Premium account. So, I’m writing this to find out whether Agenda has this same problem or not.

I can see dated Apple Reminders in my Agenda calendar on macOS. They appear as “all day” activities. I can make them as complete in Agenda and this syncs back to the Reminder app. This is very useful to mark a set of tasks for completion “today”. afaik, Agenda is the only app I use that can integrate with Apple Reminders. Nicely done!

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I’m not aware that anything has broken when it comes to Reminders support, it should still work as advertised as far as I’m aware.

Fantastical still appears to work with Reminders. In fact, marking something as complete in Fantastical shows it as complete in Agenda - including the check box if you have it.

Agenda’s integration with Reminders seems very slick (I’m just starting to put it through its paces). Reminders itself though has a lot of shortcomings.

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Apple changed from using/allowing the iCal protocol for Reminders prior to the release of iOS 13 and macOS Catalina. Then they dropped iCal support using strictly their own protocol (feel free to correct me here). That broke some apps that were linking to Reminders via iCal. I suspect Agenda started with the newer protocol because they saw the writing on the wall from the start. Other apps that have been around a long time started using iCal, before the newer protocol was implemented. Though there was a long transition period (years) some developers didn’t transition and Reminders linking broke. Some gave up and let Reminders go, and some managed to transition. Some hope Apple will bring back the iCal option. I believe Fantastical and I know BusyCal were two that made the switch.

Edit: I think the new protocol is called EventKit??