Suggestion workflow as a format developer

Hi! I’m quite new in using Agenda and I LOVE the interface, but I’m looking for a recommendation how to use the app in a better and more productive way :slight_smile:

I work as a format developer for shows online and I produce them as well. I usually have 3-5 projects in various stages.

I want to use Agenda to document meetings and phone calls (interviews), but I also want a task section. And I kind of want it intergrated in iCal and Todoist.

Any suggestions or even templates?

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I think Agenda is a great fit for what you describe. There are a number of great topics here in the Talk section of the community that you could use for inspiration. For instance a search on the tag workflow might be a good starting point.

There’s a few different angles to your question, there’s the aspect of how to deal with different strategies and approaches on how to deal with multiple projects and a lot of actionable items, like this one:

Ways how you can use the different features of Agenda in all of this, like:

And some users have gone in a lot of detail on specific organization techniques and how they apply those in Agenda, like

Finally, you might find some inspiration in this article I wrote that is about templates but highlights a few use cases that fit what you’re doing pretty well (client work, creative project ideas, etc):

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