How do you use "On the Agenda"?


Agenda’s ability to flag notes as being “On the Agenda” (orange dot button) is a seemingly simple feature, but has the potential to be used in many different ways. You can put many notes on the agenda, or just a few. The definition of what “On the Agenda” means is different to each individual. But what works best in the Agenda app?

Because I was involved in developing Agenda, I was also one of the first to start using it. In the beginning, I used the “On the Agenda” feature as something like an “active” flag. Basically anything I didn’t consider as “done” was put in there. But I actually didn’t go into the On the Agenda overview very often — there was just too much in there to be worthwhile. I tended to select projects and navigate that way.

Lately, that has all changed. I’ve started to reinterpret what On the Agenda means for me, and it is working much better. “On the Agenda” has come to mean “focusing on” in my system. In the same way some apps allow you to enter a focus mode, in order to declutter your mind, On the Agenda lets me go to what I am working on right now, with no other distractions.

This means I only put things on the agenda when I am going to be actively working on them, and I am aggressive in removing notes from the agenda. Once I am not actively editing them, they are removed. Typically, this means I only have 2-3 notes on the agenda at any one time. Notes I am working on at some point today.

That’s the system I have grown into, and it is going very smoothly. I can focus by simply going to On the Agenda. When I need a broader picture, I dive into my project lists.

Of course, this is just one usage of what is a very flexible feature. Are you using On the Agenda differently? If so, share with us how it is helping you.


I also do the same. And it helped me to focus more on my Important Notes.


Oh, good! It’s my first day using Agenda & I’ve been experimenting with both those ideas. For exactly the same reason as you, I’ve settled on showing only the things I’m actually planning on doing or discussing today or in the next couple of days. I was wondering if this was maybe going against the intention of Agenda, so I’m pleased to see it isn’t :blush:


I have recently started using On the Agenda and I am loving it. One question I had was, if I add a note to a specific event on my calendar, on the day of the meeting will the note be added to “On the Agenda”?

For instance, this weekend I am reviewing some emails and planning out my week. I have a meeting on Thursday that I am prepping for and have added a list of notes. I have the note linked to that calendar event. What I would love is that on Thursday, it is added to “On the Agenda”…

Am I looking at this wrong, or any other ideas?


If (like me) you’ve set your items not to be automatically put On The Agenda, tap or click on the empty orange-rimmed circle at the top left-hand corner of the item’s screen. You may need to tap it twice (or maybe I don’t do it hard enough!:smile:), but you should find the circle will turn solid orange & you’ll get a message saying that it’s now On The Agenda. Go to your Agenda, & you should see it listed :blush: