Searching and Filtering



I would also like the option that when you mark an item as finished that it disappears from the list.


+1 on this. Would love to see a completed note to drop to the bottom of the project.


I’d like that too!


Me too, or a view pane that filtered only for due tags or action tags.


Is there a way to limit a search to just the projects within a category? I have categories for Family, Work etc. and when “at work” I’d like my ‘on agenda list’ to reflect that using a saved search. Is this possible?


You can’t do it directly, but you can select all the projects in the category, and then do a search. It will be limited to the selected projects (ie that category).


How do make that a saved search? For instance if I select all the projects under the ‘work’ category and select the ‘on agenda’ search, it gives me the expected results: only ‘on agenda’ items from the selected projects.

But, when I save this search and return to it, it ‘forgets’ the selected projects


But, when I save this search and return to it, it ‘forgets’ the selected projects

Indeed, currently saved searches are always across all projects, hopefully we can add more options down the line.


I also feel this is an important feature - category or project based search. Right now, in searches (which can be saved) I can indicate tags using # and people using @. It would be great if there was a way of indicating projects, or categories, in saved searches using some symbol like $ or % etc.


Could I search the notes outside Agenda? e.g. from os x spotlight or iOS shortcut. Because I hope I could search across the apps. There are difference notes apps for difference purpose. E.g. Agenda for daily notes, Ulysses for writing articles(because Agenda could not insert picture right now) and evernote for clipping. Everytime when I need find a note I need search in three different notes. And I check all the topics in Howto, such as this one and Import, Export, Sharing, and Automation .


We haven’t added spotlight support yet. It is on our list. Thanks for the feedback!


I have had some success, though, with searching categories or projects in iOS Spotlight, and getting back Siri Shortcut suggestions to “Show notes in project search term”, though.




Is there a timeline on updates to the search features? I greatly miss combined searches like “#tag and @person”, “unfinished”, saved searches like #due(today) which only works once etc.