Advanced searches

Is there a timeline on updates to the search features? I greatly miss combined searches like “#tag and @person”, “unfinished”, saved searches like #due(today) which only works once etc.


We’d like to bring this but no ETA, for now images and attachments support is what we focus on.

+1 on this one - search really needs to get better if Agenda should become a repository for text.

Is this available yet ? Really need to be able to search via ‘@person & #tag


Not yet, we’re aiming for later this year.

It’s really a bummer this isn’t available yet.

I REALLY REALLY want to use Agenda for all my notes and ideas, but without simple things like being able to search for multiple tags I just can’t see how I would make it work.

I find myself spending so much time trying to figure simple things out in Agenda, only to realize they just aren’t possible. It’s really too bad because I love the idea and the interface.