Searching and Filtering

Many thanks Drew, that fully explains it.

Find and Replace is a common but useful feature.

A quick example for me is finding commas and replacing them with line breaks or " | " to make use of my visual space in different manners.

This doesn’t appear in the standard Edit menu. Did I miss it?

We don’t support Find and Replace yet, something we might add down the line.

I was just trying to figure this out, too. I have a category for reading with projects for various topics, novels, etc. I have a search to find “on the agenda” notes with dates going backwards and forwards a month, to make sort of a window to things that have caught my eye recently. However, I had to add #read to every single note I wanted to include and search for that in order to make this work for me.

I am a more recent user of Agenda. It is a really good tool. I am finding more ways to get the most out of it. I too would like to be able to pickup up undone items on checklists within notes. I have been following the comments. Looks like others have the same view. I hope you can do something with this. Thanks.

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It seems like you cannot search using Emoticons or Emojis.

For instance if I try to search on :movie_camera: within the Sample Projects, it does not find anything. There are notes with this character in them.

Is this a bug, or intentional? Or perhaps I am doing something wrong.

At the moment these are indeed not indexed.

How to find open tasks from notes? Can it be searched (and saved as search)?

Did not found out how to do it (on iPad).


Not possible yet, but we have plans for this. Stay tuned!

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+1 on being able to find notes with undone tasks


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Is it possible to limit searches to a given category?

I’d like to save search views for all on the agenda across all projects in my “personal” category separately from my work one (and my community work one) - I tend to get a bit overwhelmed and distracted when I see them all at once :exploding_head:

Not possible yet, but we’ll take it on board. Improvements to search are in the roadmap.

Is it possible to search for due or overdue reminders within agenda? So I don’t have to use that ugly apple reminder interface?

Unfortunately not yet, you can search for reminders in general by typing #remind in the search field, but you can’t yet filter on due vs undue.

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When you get to updating search on the roadmap, I hope this area gets a lot of thought. David Allen said for GTD that one of the keys is to have a system you trust, and until you have that, you will never be able to clear your mind.

Agenda is very close to that system. It works better than anything I’ve seen and the addition of Reminders integration is beautiful. The key to keeping me from having that full trust is the fear of things falling through the cracks. Examples:

  • Reminders that are overdue. Yes, I can go look in the Reminders app, but if I am in here, I’d like to have a saved search that would show them to me in context.
  • Projects with open checkboxes. The developers have indicated that they strongly feel that all /remind type reminders must have a date or date/time, and if they don’t, there is no difference from putting them in Agenda. I can accept that, but only if I know they won’t get lost. Right now, there is no way of ensuring that I don’t have notes out there with open checkboxes. To me, this is the most critical missing feature.
  • Not Done / Done notes. In the same way that I want to see checkboxes that aren’t done, it would be nice to filter on notes that are not done. Indeed, it would be nice if there was a different note icon for notes which “can” be completed vs. notes which are just that; notes.

I’m certain there are other metadata conditions which would be good to search on. These are just the ones most keeping me up at night currently.


Is there anyway to search for all notes NOT assigned a date?

Not at the moment no, we’ll think about it.

I’m curious if there’s a way to search for an exact phrase. I’m trying to search for “build vm”, but it appears that the quotes don’t work like they do in e.g. google - I get the same results as if I’d just written the two words as separate terms. Is there a way to do this?

I’ve usually used plain text files for notes in the past, so not being able to drop into the shell and just grep through my notes for when I really need to find something specific is a little frustrating. More power added to searching would be a huge improvement here!