Search for tags with parameters

It looks like that the search for tags with parameters is not working. Or am I missing something?

Trying out #load(now) does match all load tags instead of restricting the result to the ones with the now value only.

Hmm, that’s odd, I just tried it and it works for me. One thing to keep in mind, when the word “now” has a special meaning and is translated to today’s date if you type it, perhaps this is what’s causing it? Does it work with other values in the tag?

I’ve tried other tags with parameters as well, e.g. #ro, #for etc. and all show the same behaviour on iOS — the search does show all.

Is the iOS version not up to par with the Mac app?

We’ll investigate whether that might be the case, thanks.

Seeing the same behaviour here, on my first attempt to use tags. Glad to see it’s an error. Doing a garden plan, tagging tasks with plant(lettuce) in the hope of being able to search for them all and getting matches to all plant(whatever) tags.