Linking multiple notes to the same calendar event


is it possible to link multiple notes from different projects to the same calendar event?
I tried, but after linking the first note the calendar event is not available for the second note.

I thought this was a great option to link different notes from different projects for a meeting where they have do be discussed ,…



Not yet. Have heard it a few times, and is noted.


Just adding my voice to this request - I would find this feature extremely useful.

+1 Vote.

Question: Does the app have limits on how many notes could be linked to different events per day? Cause what happens is that if I link one note to an event, the URL appears. But when a second note is linked to a different event the same day, the URL does not appear.

This is critical.

As mentioned above, it’s extremely common to have a meeting that might cover topics spanning multiple notes. The only way to handle that using the current limitations is to cut and paste each of those notes (which likely must remain where they are) into a single new note and link that newly created note to the event.

This is a very bad idea because now you have the same data in two places and updates might get made to one place and not the other—and could lead to the very same tangled mess of random snippets of text that we are trying to avoid by using a note-taking app like this.

I’d love to see the ability to link multiple notes to a single event and then the ability to either view a popup menu of the linked notes (when clicking on the notes link on the related/calendar section) or, worst case scenario, at least cycle through those linked notes.


Not exactly the same thing, but consider using internal Agenda links (Note > Link to or Edit > Copy As > Agenda Link) to link related notes.

+1 and another use case:

I’ve just blanked out Monday morning in my diary for admin - catching on invoices, book keeping etc.

Wanted to add a link to the various notes that have admin tasks in them - these are in different notes as they are related to different clients, who each has one or more projects. But not possible!

For now I’ve created a new note called Admin, but I can see I might miss stuff buried in other notes.

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I’m new to Agenda. I also have the need to link multiple notes to one calendar event. Could you clarify what you mean by “internal Agenda links” please? Thx

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+1 vote for this.
(New user in iPad only. One of the first things I tried/wanted to do was to make several notes for teaching outline, participant list, and notes for a seminar session I was leading and attach them all to the same calendar entry. The participant list, for instance, was a couple of screens long so needs to be collapsible in its own note and not a section within a note. For anything more complex than a meeting it seems likely that more than one note might be needed.)

It’s a link within Agenda to a specific note. From the cog icon at the bottom of the note, select Copy Agenda Link (or something like that, can’t check now!), then navigate to another note and paste.

You can use this to create an index note for your meeting, from which you can navigate via the links to all relevant notes.


+1. In most note taking apps I end up keeping a single note for an entire day, or a single note per calendar event. Agenda decouples the note from the date by letting you manually specify the date (allowing multiple notes to be grouped under a date, so each note can be on a specific topic). It’d be great to have that same functionality for calendar events.

I did as you explained but the link doesn’t work when I try to use it. It just places my curser in the text like I’m going to edit it rather than go to the linked note. It does appear to be a link, it just doesn’t go there. Any ideas?

I discovered if I hold the link, then release, a menu pops up and I can select Open and it works. Is that how it should work as opposed to a link you select and it just opens?

Yes, on iOS that’s the default behaviour Apple provides. Having said that, in the next release you should also be able to single tap a link to have it open as that’s what’s most people would indeed expect.

Thank you for the responses! Once I understood how, it works but it’s not too intuitive. Looking forward to the update when it comes.

Is there a way to return to the page it linked from short of adding a link at both sides?

Thanks…Enjoying the program! :+1:

Is there a way to return to the page it linked from short of adding a link at both sides?

You can use the history buttons in the sidebar (left panel at the bottom) to go back to where you were.

+1 I would really need this feature also!

+1 linking between notes is good to, but it seems more practical to link more notes to one event

See this topic for alternative solutions:

Not being able to link multiple notes to a calendar event is a clear flaw and misleading as advertised at time of download. It would be easier to open event in outlook and add multiple agenda items in note section of event. Also your description of your work around are vague and hard to follow. You need step by step instructions with screen shots.