Linking multiple notes to the same calendar event

I don’t believe we promise anywhere that you can link multiple notes to the same calendar event. Also from what you describe I have a feeling that you might even mean reminders or mixing up a single list item vs a single note. Therefore, perhaps easiest if you could give a concrete example of what you’d like to achieve for one of your calendar events, I can then better understand what you are trying to do and how this would work well within Agenda.

I would use the other way around: linking one notes to multiple caldener events. I use Agenda to keep track on which parts of the project I work on which time, so sometimes I don’t get one Agenda Note done and I would like to link this to a further calender entry e.g. on the next day when working on that. But its not super important, but would be a useful feature for me.

I would use the other way around: linking one notes to multiple caldener events.

That too is not something we will likely support, see the post we refer to above for more details on why etc.

My use case - I have biweekly and monthly meetings. Each meeting requires at least 3 notes -

  1. ‘meeting prep’ note
  2. Actual meeting notes
  3. Post-meeting thoughts (mine and coworkers) and todos and next steps

It would be really hard to get to things quickly if all these 3 notes are inside a single Agenda note.

Here’s my ideal use: I make a ‘work’ category in the left sidebar. Then I make projects - for all the different projects’ biweekly meetings I have. Then I add notes to those projects so when I click on a project name it instantly shows me all the notes (this is possible right now). Finally, I want to click on the calendar meeting (for e.g. the meeting that happened last month or week) on the right sidebar to see all the notes I had for the meeting - this will give me an idea of how the meeting went and what was accomplished.

That final piece is what is missing. Hope this makes sense and I was able to explain clearly.

You’ll be happy to hear that starting from the next update you will be able to link multiple notes to the same calendar event.


Is there a date for this release?

We plan to have it go in beta testing the coming week, hopefully in everyone’s hand soon after (depending on how many things come out of that, fingers crossed).

Great news! Really looking forward to this feature. I applied for the beta. Would be happy to share my experience.

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Great news—I would love this feature! Trying to find the best use for Agenda in my life, and right now I’m primarily focused on meetings. This feature would make it a much stronger tool for me.

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Update: The ability to link multiple notes to the same event is now available in Agenda 6.0, learn more in Dates, Events, and Reminders