Linking to saved searches



(I’m on a bit of a roll with Links this morning!) Thinking about linking several notes with admin tasks to a calendar event (see here), I’ve seen another and possibly better workflow:

I could tag all notes with admin tasks as #admin, and create a saved search on that tag.

If saved searches had links, I could drag that link to my calendar event (where I’ve set aside time for admin).

To be fully functionally the search would probably have to be Boolean, so it only showed #due admin tasks, and not completed ones.

A similar approach would help with a saved search on a person tag. Meeting with Mr Xample? Tag all notes involving him with @MrXample, create a saved search on the tag, drag it to the calendar meeting.

This would probably be especially useful with recurring events.


Having been working on admin stuff a lot yesterday, I’ve been playing a round with a workflow.

Basically I have several clients and several projects, and so ‘admin’ tasks can be associated with any one of these. But I want to put aside a morning or whatever regularly to work on admin tasks - a different head space from creative stuff.

I’ve created a Project called Admin, with a Pinnned Note called ‘Recurring Admin’. This note has checklists for stuff I need to do each month, like expenses and invoicing, book keeping. The plan is I type the current month as a heading above the checklist, check them off as they done this month, then at the beginning of next month, change the current month and uncheck the tasks.

Any generic one off admin - ie related to my business rather than to a specific project or client - eg find new mobile contract - has a Note in the Admin Project.

But project / client specific admin tasks have to live in the relevant project file. I tag these #admin, created a saved search, and I’ve added an item to my Admin checklist: "[ ] Search #Admin”. I’d love for this to be a clickable link in my note!

I can see lots of uses for links to saved searches.