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Hi, absolutely love the app, it’s a fantastic way to organise oneself.

Do you have any idea yet when your next release will be and, what great functions we can look forward to?

Many thanks

We generally announce things when they are ready. You can also subscribe to our mailinglist to stay up to date. In our last email we hinted that the next update will bring big improvements to the projects sidebar for example. For a bigger picture, see The features we are working on right now…

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What is the circa price of new features, after the initial 12 months have expired?
Are the new features purchasable individually, or “bundled” together?

I have been interested in buying the full version of Agenda, but because I don’t know the answers to above I have been hesitant before knowing what I get myself into in terms of long-term feature development.

You always buy all the features available at the time of purchase, plus you then also get the ones released in the 12 months following your purchase.

So for example, say tomorrow there are 5 premium features you don’t have, then those become yours. And in the next 12 months we would release another 5, then those are also yours. Say you don’t do anything and in the 12 months after that we release another 5, those you won’t have. If at that point, 2 years after your initial purchase, you decide to buy again you will get all 5 features you didn’t yet have, plus again any we release in the 12 months following your purchase. Hope that helps!


Thanks for the explanation. I can’t say that I’m very enticed by that payment model. I would prefer to be able to freely chose to buy each feature add-on for a smaller price, or to buy several of them at once in a bundle – similar to game DLCs. Otherwise you would have to wait perhaps several years after the first 12 months for a purchase to make sense, if you really just like 1-2 extra features but aren’t ready to buy the whole Premium features twice.

We deliberately don’t want to offer a pick-and-choose model as that doesn’t work in combination with the 12 months free features, to read more on the why and how, see this blogpost from Drew

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Also, just to be sure this wasn’t misunderstood, you never pay twice for the same features, once you buy them they are yours forever, see again the blogpost mentioned above.

I like this payment model over most of the other forms. If I end my subscription in other apps, I’ll enter in view-only mode and won’t be able to edit my documents anymore. With this model, I get to keep the features I received during my enrollment and will still be entitled to bug fixes to accommodate future MacOS and iOS updates.

With a standalone license, most app developers hold off on releasing “new” features and will wait to release them to warrant a version upgrade price (version 1.0 to version 2.0 as an example). When the app developer does a subscription model, we’ll get new features rolled out. I might not get value out of a new feature released this one but I might get great value for a new feature that is released two weeks later.

I don’t know if a Game DLC type of model would work. Some features build upon each other in an app like Agenda. You might need feature X to make sure that feature Y released next month would work. DLC works for standalone content like a new adventure or +10 Sword of Lightning in a Dungeon hack-and-slash but it might not work in an app like Agenda.


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I don’t mind paying for new features, however, as a returning customer I expect to get a reduction or a special price, when I pay for my second year.

It’s becoming less and less common to do that. Subscriptions, for example, are the same price each year.

In our model, you at least have the option of simply waiting. If you don’t need those new features, you don’t have to pay now, but can wait, and still keep getting bug fixes and non-premium features for free.


I need to find my receipt but cannot locate it in Outlook or Mail - is there any particular keyword that might be associated with the Premium upgrade?

You should be able to get an App Store receipt at

It is better than a magazine subscription. In this case, you get all the back magazines, before you even subscribed, and then again between when you ended the subscription and renewed, even if 1 or 3 years later, and you get another year’s worth of magazines when you do.

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Thank you