Automating Agenda

You can create powerful workflows by automating Agenda, which can be done both at a high level using Siri shortcuts or the Shortcuts app for example, or at low-level through x-callback-url support for example. The possibilities are endless!

Tip: We have created a dedicated area in the community to automating Agenda using Shortcuts where users share their worfklows and shortcuts, be sure to check it out.

Siri Shortcuts

Agenda for iOS supports Siri shortcuts for common actions like opening a certain note, project or overview. Learn more about it here:

x-callback-url support

Agenda also supports for x-callback urls. These allow you to couple workflows between apps and/or automate certain actions within Agenda. It’s also supported by Apple’s Shortcuts app.

A quick intro to x-callback-urls:

  • The URL scheme is agenda or agenda-notes
  • Commands currently include on-the-agenda, today, open-project, etc. See below for a complete list.
  • For “open-project” and “open-note”, you can stipulate the target using a title parameter.
  • As usual, you can supply callback URLs via optional x-success and x-error parameters.

For example, to open Agenda to a note called “Meeting With Peta”, you could use this URL:

Reference and Supported Actions

Click here for a reference of the supported x-callback-url actions…

Example use cases


Any chance we’ll be able to share notes with others? Some collaborative features would be welcome (assign notes to other people, let other people edit your notes, dates, etc.).



Nothing to announce, but this is certainly on the radar. It is something that would be good to have.

Thanks for the feedback.


Being able to share and collaborate on notes is a must if I am going to be able to use this for work. I will probably pay for the app but won’t use it much until you add those features.


My husband and I are both Project Managers and we use Notes (Apple) for everything home and work. We have several notes that we share so that we can both update them in real time (i.e. grocer note, home improvement notes, etc) and both see the updates on our respective devices. I imported all my notes when i went premium but it doesnt look like i’m getting his updates now.

We don’t have any sharing of data yet. Agenda doesn’t use the notes database: it is just an import, not a sync.

We do have ideas about collaboration down the track, but for now it is just a personal tool.

Thanks for the feedback!

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I too am trying to share notes, calendar, projects, etc. with my boss. We can’ t quite figure it out. I want the Agenda app to work for us, but it doesn’t seem terribly intuitive? Does anyone have tips on sharing information via Agenda without emailing files back and forth?

Unfortunately you can’t yet share notes by say inviting others to it within Agenda, we hope to bring such features in the future but for now the only way is through sharing Agenda files I’m afraid.

I agree - collaboration with other users is a must