URL of note put in wrong reminder field

What I did:
I added a reminder to a note
What happened:
Agenda added the reminder to Apple Reminder putting the note url into the “note” field instead of “url” field.
What I expected:
To put the note url into the Reminder url field.
Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Ios 13 beta 5. I know this might be a Apple beta issue. But it maybe help Agenda to be ready for ios 13.

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This is a difficult topic due to the way the Reminders app works on iOS13 compared to iOS12, but also how things work in general and why for example we decided to go with the notes field also for events.

To start with the latter, the reason we choose the notes field for calendar events is that you might already have a URL and we don’t want to override it. Good thing is that on both iOS and macOS the Calendar app supports clickable links so no issue there.

The reason why we went for the url in the notes field of a reminder is two fold:

  1. because of the same reason as above
  2. on iOS12 there only is a notes field, the reminders app doesn’t have a URL field, they only added that in iOS13

This leaves us in a nasty spot because in order to have something that works on iOS12 and iOS13 we can only use the “note” field. However in contrast to the calendar app, the reminders app in iOS doesn’t support clickable links in the notes field (it does on macOS).

We have filed a feedback issue with Apple through feedbackassistant.apple.com asking if they could add clickable link support to the notes field on iOS and we encourage everybody to do the same, if you do make sure you mention “FB6224747” when referring to our original request.

One thing we could do is to add the link to both the “url” and the “note” field. On iOS12 you would not see the url field so it would stay as it currently is, but on iOS13 you would get a clickable link at the cost of duplicating data (you’d now get the link in both fields). But alas, this too is broken in iOS13 and 10.15, we set the URL in code but the Reminders app simply doesn’t show it. Another open bug feedback item. To be honest that duplication isn’t too great either so we’re not really sure yet if we want to go this route (especially because the link does work on macOS from the note field). We’ll continue to play with it but I think we might stick with what we have and just hope that with more people reporting the issue to Apple (see above) they will add support for clickable links in the “note” field.

Which brings me to the last point, which is that there’s actually a special type of link that both iOS12 and iOS13 can create, a so-called app-link. This is exactly what we all would like to see. It’s the type of link that you get when you use the Share sheet to create a reminder from say Safari or Mail. It not only inserts a link to the app, but also shows a nice little app icon next to it. So far so good, if only we could create such links. Unfortunately these “app links” are private API at the moment and there is no way we can create these as developers. Again we have asked Apple to open up these APIs so we can create these kind of links:

Hope this gives a better understanding of why things are the way they are in iOS13 at the moment.


Well, thanks for clearing that. Isn’t it possible to check wether a device run on 13 or lower? And act accordingly? On the other hand duplicate data is no problem. A non clickable (and that’s why kinda useless) link is.

Thanks a lot


Yes you can check but certainly in the beginning we can expect people to run a mixed environment or perhaps have still devices that can’t be updated to iOS13. And while you don’t mind duplication others probably do, unfortunately it’s not a simple black and white case :frowning:

I respect your point of view.

I had another play with beta 5 yesterday and they seem to have made some improvements (clicking urls now actually works compared to beta 4, which made it hard to test). I think I now agree that it probably makes most sense to add the url to both the note and url field as especially on iOS the two look quite different.

Let’s hope Apple improves things further and I would still encourage everyone to register an official feedback item asking for opening the app link APIs.


Agree and seems if anyone has issues ‘it’ (location) can be deleted manually from whichever place is the issue for the particular user!

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Argh, today I made the changes to insert the Agenda URL in the URL field of a reminder, which is now visible in iOS13 and macOS13, but it turns out that there’s a bug in Apple’s frameworks that prevents this from working. While the documentation clearly states the EKReminder object has a URL property, setting that property does not actually populate the url field in the Reminders app at the moment, nor does a URL entered in the url field in the Reminders app become visible if we ask the system for reminders. Feedback filed, but it seems we’re stuck to how it works currently until they fix it and/or provides the alternatives we have asked for. :frowning:

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If they keep on their weekly release schedule, as we get nearer to Gold release, maybe the developers release would be tomorrow (8/14) with the Public release the next day. Hopefully!

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Feedback request filed!

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Guys - as mentioned in a previous post (above) I submitted your request using the Feedback app and lo and behold Apple Support (?) responded through the app by asking the following question -

…Engineering has requested the following information regarding your report:
Are you referring to data detector support within the field? If not, is there an example of what you are requesting?..

Not knowing what they were asking :smirk: I again referred them to your request #FB6434150!

Great! The engineering person is asking if you would want some kind of data detector on the url field that would detect a link to an app, but we are asking for the ability to create these kind of “app links/urls” through the EventKit API so third party apps can create them. But to be honest, at this stage it would already be nice if you could even set the url property through EventKit at all, this is currently broken for reminders (filed as FB7019469). Compared to that, a true app links is even a luxury :stuck_out_tongue:

My links in reminder from agenda isn’t clickable…?! But if I import the same from Reminders to Things, it is.

I assume you use the reminders sharing extension for that?

Yes, I guess…but why isn’t the link in the task note to agenda clickable in reminders?

That’s explained above:

Doesn’t seem to have been ‘corrected’ in iPadOS Public Beta 6 released Friday, 8/16.

Doesn’t seem to have been completely corrected in Public Beta 7 released today, either. Although it doesn’t appear in the URL position in Reminders it populates BOTH sections in GoodTask. AND, selecting the Info icon (red circle) in GoodTask will open the Note in Agenda. Go figure?!? This is definitely above my pay grade.

You are unable to use the same reminders on iOS 13 and on previous OS (Mac, iPad, iPhone) so it’s not a compatibility issue.
In new reminders agenda links are unclickable so it became unusable.

See the post above, please file a feedback item with Apple, this is an issue with the Reminders app and a limitation what Apple allows developers to do on iPadOS.