Will work collaboration / group sync be possible in future?

First all thank you for making such a awesome apps.

As it is extremely useful in tracking projects and work progress, it would be even better to allow to users write and edit in groups.

For now I see you guys tried to give the share with an export but that is still far away from convenience. The one major reason why google drive and Evernote dominates is probably the collaborated editing feature, which not only allows better working environment,but also greatly boost promotion and marketing.

If you guys could do so, I am sure the rate and credibility ot Agenda will be up another level, and further income could be made by subscription scheme too, as it is very reasonable to collect to run the server.


See Collaboration - sharing notes, projects and Shared projects/notes - #3 by rodri.alcaraz, indeed on our wishlist. The features we are working on right now… have higher priority at the moment though.

I’d give and big +1 for collaboration. That would have and immense effect. You may be slighting it’s value.



I really like the look and functionality of Agenda, but without collaboration, I’m forced to hunt around for another alternative. I can see that this has been requested and suggested for almost 2 years now.

I would guess that no collaboration functionality would be costing you guys millions of dollars in missed revenue.

Really surprised that you haven’t enabled this…

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There’s a simple reason, we’re with two people only, and building solid collaborative features involves a lot of infrastructure and development, not something you build in an instance I’m afraid. In case you’re curious, I went in a lot more detail on this topic here:

hi, thanks for your reply.

I understand that building in collaboration is no small task.

But it’s just such a key element of the modern workplace…

I’m sorry that you have not had the resources to build it, because i really like the look and functionality of Agenda.It’s simplicity is well designed and well thought out.



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