Shared projects/notes

Later down the road, it feels like there is a real opportunity for Agenda to become a useful shared project tool - a bit like Basecamp. This would require the ability to share projects between different users (and perhaps individual notes). I can see why this might not be a priority now, but into the future it would be a great way to go. Maybe one to mark down in the someday column :wink:


Collaboration is certainly something we would like to get to.


I’d love to be able to collaborate in Agenda. I’m currently using Todoist as my task manager. Agenda, although more focused on notes, could perfectly substitute it, thanks to its date handling and calendar connection. Collaboration is a must for me, as I currently share a lot of of both personal (with family) and work projects.



Perhaps the settings of the calendar in which notes are attached to events could be used to determine sharing permissions?

For example, I have a shared IOS calendar with my wife. If I put some notes in an appointment, of course I’d want her to be able to view them. At the moment she can click on the link, open Agenda and see nothing. I currently have to export the note for her.

Any updates to the question @timbking put forward back in June? At least to possibility to have our wifes look at notes we attached to dates we share in one and the same calendar would really be more than simply helpful.


We would certainly like to support collaboration on notes, but that is a big project, involving developing a whole web aspect to the app. We have a few other projects that are more in demand, and more accessible to do first. But our goal is certainly to do that down the track.


+1 Sharing a note is great, but really need to share an entire project as sharing each note gets tedious quickly.

Thanks for the feedback!