Time Stamp Feature

Do you have a way to add a time stamp feature to Agenda?


Can you elaborate with what you would like to add in terms of a timestamp? There’s Note > Assign to Today to quickly assign the current date to the entire note, or do you want to insert the current date+time as text inside the note?

Sure, It would something that you can insert as text in the body of the note similar to this…

Sunday, January 28, 2018 3:44pm

Maybe even with a short cut like Control D, etc.

Reason is that I like to track my time on certain projects and this will allow me to have a start time stamp and a stop time stamp.

I am not sure if you are familiar with Tomboy notes, but this is a feature they include in the system. Comes in very handy!


That makes sense, we have been indeed hearing similar requests to allow for instance inserting #today or #now that would convert in a timestamp. We’ll think about it.

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Also, please add options on Timestamps. (e.g 1/30/18, 30 January 2018, etc.)


I needed similar functionality in another app so I’ve created an Automator service for myself. Haven’t tested yet, but it should work in Agenda too.

Update: I’ve tested and it works



Hi @zsbenke! the link no lnher works. can we please get it back?

Hello @mekentosj! any updates on this? The truth is I will use a note to make track updates of my project, and have the date I made changes automatically come up would be fantastic. Thanks!

No updates other than that we know what we’d like to introduce, there’s a bunch of higher priority things in the queue ahead of it though.

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yep, automator is the way to go…. works cross platform too!

Hi @Steve_Kelly, can you share how you did this? I tried running a script and it did not work. Thanks

install this app https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/wordservice/id899972312?mt=12 then access via Keyboard/ services in settings. simple!

+1 vote for this even though it’s been a year!

+1 for a time stamp please!