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Hmm, that error does help a bit to understand what might be going on. Is there an attachment in that project that might be a bit different in some way? Eg. a file link or something? A folder? Web archive?

Could you perhaps even export the project and send it to me at

(I guess if you already deleted the attachments, it may not help me find out what the problem is.

To get things working, you would probably be best to remove any suspect attachments from the project, then add a new project, and drag the notes over to that. I have a feeling the project you have now will continue to have this problem, so better to create a new project.


Before I saw this response I tried deleting the Agenda application and the app folder ~/Library/Containers/com.momenta.agenda.macos. It turned out that finally resolved my problem: when I re-installed from the App store, it synched with my other devices and now everything is keeping up to date.

That said, Agenda should detect and prevent this kind of showstopper behavior: if an attachment is suspect, don’t attach it; at the very least, give users the option to do what I finally stumbled on, to delete the app Containers folder and re-synch. Now I’m afraid to use the attachment feature for fear of triggering the same behavior. I spent about a week unable to use the app while trying to deal with this issue.


That is why I was asking if you thought there might be an unusual file attached. Of course Agenda should catch and prevent this, but the attachments release is a few weeks old, and we haven’t heard of all the little issues that might go wrong.

Anyway, we have some ideas how to make this more robust, and we should have an update early in the new year.

Thanks for reporting this.

Kind regards,


Fixed the problem for me! Thanks!


Was there ever an alternative for non-iCloud syncing? My company (and I suspect lots of companies) will block iCloud backup.


No, we don’t have an alternative yet. We do plan to try to support other options for you situation.

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I just downloaded the app today and early on complained about how my gadgets did not sync despite the option turned on and the iCloud account for each the same. I found it helpful to reset my MacBook first (the first gadget I used to input the data) in order to find Agenda in the “Options” menu of the iCloud Drive. Afterwards, reset my other two devices, turned on the iCloud Drive, and made sure Agenda was there as well.

After a few minutes of exiting the application on all devices, I found all my data (initially just seen on the MacBook alone) in all of my devices.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Yay, great to hear that and thanks for sharing!


Thanks for your note, evidenceofllama. I was having the same sync problem - in my case a MBP to iMac. After ensuring iCloud up and signed in on same account and after reading your post I added a comment to my project on the MBPand, voila!, everything synced on my iMac.


Happy to hear, thanks for chiming in!

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I love your app, but sync between iOS and macOS is very unpredictable. My preferred work flow is to start each week with a note pinned to the top of On the Agenda. That note contains a check list of key tasks and deliverables for the week. This note has no attachments but there are links to other agenda notes. During the week I check items as complete either from my mac or iOS device. Unfortunately, sync of check box status between devices is at best slow, typically taking hours, and often unreliable no sync of status after days. To speed the process I sometimes add text to the note just to drive sync. Sometimes that helps but not always.

I have used apple notes and bear in the past for this same workflow and the sync of check box status is almost immediate with both. I much prefer the date focused structure of Agenda but need to resolve this synce issue. Any thoughts?


Ours sounds very unusual, it should be as you describe for the other apps, near instant. We will have an update coming out very soon, it would be great if you could let us know if this 5.2 version works better or shows the same behaviour.


Will do. This has been an issue for me going back to my initial test usage of Agenda. I determined the date structure to be so important, that I am accepting the issues with sync. I use four devices: a MacBook Air, an MacBook Pro, an iPad and an iPhone. All are on the most recent operating system updates.


I have updated all devices to Version 5.2 and have done a bunch of testing on sync between my Mac, iPad and iPhone.

I have determined that a sync update to an existing note on any device seems to be very dependent on the amount of text changed in a note.

If I take a task list and simply change the status of several check boxes the devices may never sync and if they do, it is usually several hours, over night, and in some cases never.

If I take that same note and add a short sentence, that will not drive a faster sync either.

If I make a significant text addition, say a paragraph, the updated note sync will then be very quick.

As I mentioned in my earlier post. If you pin a note with a check list of major tasks for the day on a mac or ios device, good luck updating checkbox status with other devices. You must make a significant text change (at least a paragraph composed of several sentences) to get a full sync including checkbox status. That is frustrating as sync of checkbox status in almost immediate in Apple Notes and Bear.


I just tested exactly that, to make sure there was no issue I was messing. Checking a box on why iPhone updated on the Mac in about 10 seconds, with no other change. It is certainly not the case that you should have to make an extensive change to get a sync to happen.

In other words, you may well be seeing an issue, but I think it is likely that something is going wrong in your particular setup, rather than a general sync issue for all. It is certainly designed to sync in 10 seconds or so in most cases.

Do you see any pair of devices syncing well (ie as expected)? Is there one device that seems to be involved in all problem cases?


It’s the iOS devices that seem to be he slowest on both upload to iCloud and download.

I reinstalled Agenda on all of my devices. Sync of updated notes has improved but it still takes minutes (approximately 5 mins) not seconds.

This is an improvement over the previous version. A new note syncs between devices in seconds.

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