Syncing between desktop and iOS

Ah, so new notes are fast, but editing old notes takes longer?

Yes. New notes are not an issue.

There is a refresh problem with the current version. We have a fix in the next release (goes into beta today).

The sync occurs, but the screen may not show the changes. Changes to text should appear, but changes to title/date/on-the-agenda status will not. You can force a refresh by changing to another project and back.


Today, I got back into the office after two weeks off, updated both my iPad and MacBook versions of Agenda to the latest versions and now with no other changes having been made syncing (via iCloud) is not working either from iOS or MacOS.

What can I do?

Are you sure your iCloud storage isn’t full?

I’ve got 48GB remaining iCloud space available.

Sigh. Personal iPad and my personal iMac seem to be synching okay. I’m guessing it’s something to do with work’s network.

Ah yes, some companies block iCloud drive indeed, that could definitely explain the lack of syncing.

Yes, and this sort of behaviour has occurred before even though most of the time sync works fine in that environment. What could be an improvement is some kind of real-time feedback so I know the sync is failing. A feature request, perhaps?

I have just started using Agenda 5.4 on my iPhone, iPad and MacBook Air. I have started different projects on the IOS devices and on the MBA. The projects and notes on the MBA sync across to the IOS versions but the IOS projects do not sync acreoss to the MBA. Also, if I add to a note started on the MBA on IOS the changes are not reflected on the MBA.
Having read this thread I’ve restarted iCloud on both the devices and the MBA with no improvements. Can you help, please?

I had the same problem with syncing between multiple iOS and macOS devices. I finally reinstalled Agenda app on the iOS devices and that helped. My Agenda notes sync reasonably quickly now. Occasionally to speed the sync I will close and re-open the app on iOS.

Thanks for the advice, I’ve re-installed on the IOS devices, no luck, and then on the Mac with, again, no luck solving the problem.

Just tried syncing through dropbox - same issue notes sync from MBA to iphone but not from iphone to MBA

Does Apple Notes sync properly between your iOS devices and MBA?

Yes, the syncing in Apple Notes is immediate in both directions (on my home WiFi)

Update: I just went back to iCloud from Dropbox and that seems to have solved the problem, I’m getting syncing from both directions. Hopefully this will be permanent :smirk:
Thanks for your help.

:+1: Glad it helped. My experience was similar. I tried everything to no avail and then all of a sudden sync works.

Just to let you know we shipped the 5.5 update today for iOS and Mac, which resolves some intermittent sync issues some people have reported.

Hi, I’m having similar problems synching my MacBook Pro (15 inch mid 2010) Agenda 5.5 with iPad Pro (2018 10.5 inch) Agenda 5.5. Right now, I’m getting no synch at all either way, as far as I can tell. I did get synching at first: that’s how I got the Agenda notes onto my iPad. Started with MacBook Pro, High Sierra latest update, first. iPad is on latest version of iOS 12. Tried various things:

  • Adding text within notes, plus new notes in several categories and projects from both directions: Mac to iPad and vice versa.

  • Restarted Agenda on both devices.

  • Restarted both devices.

  • Signed out of iCloud on the Mac and out of iCloud Drive on the iPad (but not out of my Apple ID on the iPad). And checked to make sure that both versions of Agenda have iCloud synch turned on in preferences and both devices are using the same Apple ID. Plenty of space on iCloud drive.

  • Checked iCloud synch with Apple Notes. It is near instantaneous.

Synch is not working over the last 5 or 6 days at least. Before that I wasn’t keeping close watch on the 2 devices, and have done most of my work on the Mac. I just started checking closely in the last couple of hours with some small changes, but also checked some changes I made on my iPad 4 days ago. They haven’t come across.
I haven’t signed out of my Apple ID on my iPad, just turned off iCloud drive. I’m a little leary of doing that, not being sure of the consequences.
Any help will be appreciated. The iOS version of Agenda is useless to me without a reliable synch.

Sorry about this. We have a major release coming tomorrow, which includes some sync improvements. Can you try that version out, and let us know if the problem persists?

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