Sync Not Working in 5.2

After update to MacOS-version 5.2 and current iosVersion 5.2 sync between iOS and MacOS doesn’t work any more.

Syncing was one of the reasons for me to buy Agenda!

Can you be more specific? Does it not work at all? Do you see not notes going either direction, or is it working a bit but not fully?

Just got Agenda and bought the extras. Set it up on my iPhone XS (12.2) and synced to my iMac (10.14.4) without issue. Installed it on my latest-generation iPad (12.2) and no sync. Tried logging out of iCloud based on suggestions I read on this forum to no avail.

All devices are logged in to the same iCloud account, an iCloud Drive is enabled on each. Not sure what else I should try, or how to debug.

If there was a way to generate and send a sync log from the app perhaps that would help you troubleshoot.

Are you getting no sync at all on the iPad? Ie it has not data?

Could it be just slow? The first sync can take a while, certainly if you have attachments.

Also, could it be a question of refreshing, rather than syncing? If you switch projects, or collapse/expand categories, do you see the data appear?

Ah, one more thing: it is worth updating to Agenda 5.3 which came out this weekend.

I let it run overnight and it hadn’t synced by this morning. I only have a few (<10) text-only items, so it shouldn’t be more than a few KB of data. Today I noticed that my phone had the entries I typed on my iPad, so maybe it’s working. My iPad and iMac aren’t with me; I’ll check them later today.

Looking forward to 5.3.

Got home. New categories get pushed to the iPad; existing ones (or notes) don’t. :roll_eyes:

Also I guess I’ve been running 5.3 the whole time; just installed Agenda for the first time yesterday.