Support for Tables

I would like have such structures in my notes:


I think a simple workaround would be to simply add a row for each item and leave the first column empty for those rows with the 2nd, 3rd etc list item. I’m afraid that this kind of setup should be relatively rare and doesn’t warrant the extra complexity of allowing the styles inside cells.

Of course yet another setup would be to use a layout like:

My first Agenda Items

  1. Item 1
  2. Item 2

Other business

  1. Other 1
  2. Other 2
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I look forward to tables. However I’d really like to see some numeric functionality. I’m not asking for sophisticated spreadsheet stuff, but the equivalent of “back of envelope” jottings that I would do on paper if I was using a physical notebook instead of agenda.

These sort of rough calculations, that one jots down quickly, need to be within a note. They don’t warrant a separate spreadsheet, embedded or linked, and therefore not visible as part of the note.

Simply being able to sum a column would be hugely useful.

If not possible in the forthcoming tables, is some kind of embedded, but fully visible, calculator possible down the line? Is something from a third party available that could do this?

We have some ideas in this direction, stay tuned!

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Of course, currenty I do this as a workaround.
Having a tab structure as with bullets is pretty standard in e.g. Confluence, Jira and Onenote for e.g. capturing meeting notes. However I would understand, if it too complicated.

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I can understand that some people need tables (I am not one of them, especially not on the iPhone), but I would like to point out that Agenda is not or should not be a full-blown word processor.

If you would include every feature imaginable, it would only inflate the code unnecessarily – with the danger of introducing bugs – and the app would lose its fast and lean working.

Accordingly, the GUI would quickly become confusing and less intuitive – every function must be controlled somehow and somewhere. Less is sometimes more…

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Yes, this is our guideline too. We need to consider where to draw the line. We don’t want to be Pages or MS Word. It has to remain quick and light. The tables we are adding should fit that need. If you want more, best to grab Excel or Numbers, and embed a file.

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