Reminders features on iOS

When i use Reminders app with Siri command “Remind me about this”, Reminders store this task with link icon like on screenshot. So I go to current mail with tapping on that icon link.
Could you do such feature? I couldn’t tap on agenda link in Reminders in current Agenda version.

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We would love to allow for this kind of linking indeed, if only Apple would allow us. Unfortunately some spelunking reveals that this is done through private APIs that are not allowed in the the App Store if we were to use them. We have asked Apple to open them up for 3rd party developers, if they do it would be trivial for us to support. Until that time, and if you would like to see this happen to, make sure you file a feedback item for Apple at:

You can file a feedback request for the Reminders app to support these kind of “app links” so 3rd party apps can create them through “EventKit”.

If you do make sure you mention that the makers of Agenda app have filed their request under feedback issue FB6434150

The more feedback they receive the better, and the higher the chance they will add this ability.

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Done! “One small step for man…” :wink:


… Done!

I guess that means there’s no way to get it so you can click on the link in reminders on ios (it works on mac). That’s unfortunate. The links do work in Goodtask and other apps but i would like to use the ios reminders app in ios 13. Ive submitted feedback to apple.

Yes exactly, it sucks because the app link feature we ask Apple to open up would make things work so much nicer.

Maybe I’m being stupid, but when I log into via that link using my Apple ID, I can’t directly file feedback - it requires me to sign up as a developer. Which I’m not. Is there another link I should be using?

If you’re using iOS 13 thru the Public Beta, the Feedback app is installed on you device and submissions are done thru the app.

And the same goes for 10.14 Catalina indeed

I’m on iOS 12. So no feedback app and can’t feedback via web. Weird.

Update: I’ve written up a bit more on the current situation here:

So I imagine there’s not much chance of Apple opening this up to enable us to click through to Agenda tasks?

If that’s the case then is there a better workaround for iOS as right now reminders are almost pointless (iOS only). I don’t want to sound negative as I’m starting to really get a feel for Agenda (on Mac for sure).

EDIT: I just read another post recommending GoodTasks. Had a go with it and it seems to work.