Now available: Agenda 14.0 with Powerful Tags, Auto-Completion, Tag Browser, Actions, Editable Attachments and more… 🥳

Agenda, you (auto-) complete me…

Agenda 14 is by far the biggest update we’ve done so far. It brings big improvements to tags, new features like autocompletion, a tag browser, back linking, something we call “Actions” and much much more!

Auto-completion is something we wanted to add to Agenda from day 1, and finally the wait is over. If you know us a little you won’t be surprised that it’s not the standard out-of-the-box autocompletion though, it’s much more powerful than that. Yes, it will auto-complete your tags and people mentions, but type a backslash (\) character and a new world of type-able actions and suggestions awaits you, including inserting emoji’s, reminders, templates, and links to other notes and projects. The easiest way to describe it is to just show you:


For a complete list of the supported actions, check out the Text Action cheat sheet…

Show it all… in color.

Besides tag autocompletion one of the other most popular requests was a way to see all tags in your library. This is now possible with the tag browser. It allows you to search for tags or create new ones, you can rename tags, or merge them if you have used different variants of the same tag. And there is a quick way to search for a tag in your library or create overviews of one or more tags that appear as a permanent entry in your sidebar.

And to take tags to an even higher level, it’s now possible to change their colours using a new premium feature, which is a great way to make important things stand out even more, or to help you prioritize things that need to be done first:

Linking it all together

Tagging notes and creating smart overviews are just two ways of organising your notes. Another way Agenda brings order in a chaotic world of notes is by allowing you to couple related notes using so-called Agenda links. Agenda 14 makes this a lot easier, just type two square brackets and you get a menu similar to the Open Quickly feature introduced in the previous update. Continue typing to find the note or project you are looking for, hit enter and an Agenda link is inserted for you:

Best of all, Agenda will automatically create the so-called backlink, which makes the linked note always appear first when you check the related notes section in the inspector panel on the right. It makes it much easier to quickly move between a set of notes you’re focusing on at any moment.

In the zone

Speaking of focus, a nice addition we think you’ll like is a new premium feature called recent projects. By clicking the clock icon at the bottom of the sidebar, it filters your projects to only show those that you’ve recently worked on. It greatly reduces the clutter and allows you to focus on what you work on most.

Drawing to Remember

Another area we made big improvements is for those that love jotting down their notes. If you use an iPad to keep hand drawn notes using an Apple Pencil, you’ll like the ability to show lines or grids while drawing:

But you can now also use markup to draw and annotate your PDFs and the result is automatically updated in your notes. In fact, this is now true for all attachments! You can open them in another app, edit and save them, and they’re automatically updated in your notes. For example, you can add an excel file to your notes and update it as you go. Agenda takes care of the heavy lifting.

And the list goes on…

And we could just keep going. So many nice additions, so many long standing issues fixed, so many small improvements…

Ok, we’ll highlight a few more we think you’ll like. What about the additional export options to save your notes in one file, one file per project, or one file for each note, and the added support for the TextBundle format. The new summary feature allows you to quickly copy say all unchecked items on your to-do list, or all items assigned to Tom in your last meeting. We’ve added a new link editor and automatic fetching of website titles when pasting a link. Agenda now supports iPhone and iPad features like Live Text to use your camera to directly scan text into your note, and contextual menus. There are a ton of improvements and fixes when using Agenda in languages like Korean and Japanese (speaking of which, help us translate! Agenda), and we added the ability to prevent markdown parsing or link shortening. We would be here for a while if we would go through [all of them] (Release Notes - #52 by mekentosj) so better to stop here. As said, it’s our biggest update to date.

Completing the Marathon Effort

This update also took us the longest for any update. For a number of reasons: the exciting new features Agenda 14 brings required a LOT of under-the-hood changes and we spent a lot of time working on the editor, which as a result has been much improved and is more consistent. It also meant your notes need to be migrated (done automatically the first time you run the new version) and we needed to make sure that all goes right. It surfaced some performance issues that we needed to address, but the app is now faster as a result. And we already made changes that pave the way for Agenda 15 and beyond. Altogether it made this update a bit of a marathon.

And last but not least, this all took place in a period where the world was just going mad. A terrible pandemic where everything that was normal became things we now appreciate more. Emphasised even further by the events in recent weeks that again stress how fragile things can be. It didn’t make things easy at times.

We hope you agree with us that Agenda 14 was worth the wait. We’re super excited to finally be able to see this update in the hands of our users, and can’t wait to see your reactions.

So be sure to update to Agenda 14 and to check out the YouTube video we made that walks through everything mentioned above that is new:

And if you love Agenda 14 and would like to support our work, the best way to do so is by buying it’s premium features. It will give you a great set of additional and powerful features while allowing us to keep us making Agenda better. And the best thing is, what you buy is yours to keep forever.

Enjoy Agenda version 14 and let us know what you think!
Alex & Drew

Ps. The complete release notes of Agenda 14 can be found here


Wow, this release blows it out of the park. Absolutely amazing.

I have one small suggestion for Markdown export: when exporting whole projects to markdown, I think it would be more useful if links to other Agenda notes were converted to [[wikilinks]]. That would allow us to easily transfer notes to tools like Obsidian and make them usable there. (E.g., to clear the backlog from Agenda or to have a backup in a non-proprietary format).


Congratualtions, and wow, I just realized I’m past due for the premium upgrade.
I’m counting on (and have patiently ben waiting for :wink:) collaboration before I’m due again.

Tremendously enjoying since three days the new Agenda 14.0. All my heartfelt congratulations to the developers and the community.

I stopped using Agenda since NotePlan 3.0 and Craft came up, both on November 2020. Now that Agenda supports autocomplete for other notes, I can gladly get rid of Obsidian for my Zettelkasten (I simply can’t stand that app), although I’ll sorely miss the graphing feature in Obsidian.

Autocomplete, tags, backlinks, native support for iPadOS, markdown & Text-bundle compatibility, templates, recent note only… wow! :star_struck: This is a Zettelkasten dream come true.

My renewal for NotePlan is coming up, and I’m now unsure whether to continue or not (very pricey). Regardless, Agenda is my new task and PKM manager. That is decided.

As for Craft, that is where I –non negotiably :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:– store my interstitial journaling and the tool I use from a Web interface on a Windows PC at the office. Plus, my Craft interstitial notes look amazing as PDF boards with Muse on the iPad.

All my best regards, @mekentosj and @drewmccormack for this milestone of an update.


I can see the use case but am worried about how generally this would work. How does it know in which project etc to look for the note. If it only works in Obsidian for example it would be too limiting I’m afraid.

Thanks all for your kind words!

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I haven’t had the time to explore everything new yet, but I like the things I have tested.

One of my favorites is the view of recently edited projects. It makes navigating so quick. I use an iPhone, and now I don’t need to scroll so much. It also helps me to focus. And it is easy to switch on and off. (It is mostly on.)

Linking notes with the double brackets is also so wonderful. Now it is very easy.

And auto completion of tags is something I have missed. And the list of tags.

Now a great app has become even more easy to use.


Thanks for introducing me to interstitial journaling. I can see it fitting really well with my approach to time blocking:

Every day I create a note called “The Plan for Tuesday 22 Mar” (ie today’s date!) from a template. The template starts with my goal for today: “Today my priority is to xxxxx” (I fill in my goal), and then simply each hour on a line:


Looking over my “Week Plan” note, my calendar and emails, I block off the whole day with tasks:

1100 Finish xx report
1200 Draft proposal for xxx
1300 lunch

As of Agenda 14, I now add links to relevant notes using [[

I’ve always been really bad at reviewing at the end of the day, but I’ll now try interstitial journaling, using the /time command in Agenda! I think this will make reviewing quicker and easier.


Here’s how I do it. Add the time when you start writing your interstitial session. Write about what comes to mind, limited only to decisions and/or to how you feel at present. Optionally, add the time when you stop the writing session (I do it). A session can be one or many paragraphs long and as short or long as you want in terms of duration.

Most importantly, come back to your previous notes and try to make sense of them. What was good or bad about the decision? How did I overcome an emotional or logistic situation? Does what you think now remind you of anything you wrote previously? You don’t need to do this with all notes, only those you deem important.

I write them in Nebo (iPad), then paste them to Craft as a daily note (also possible with Agenda, of course). As a visual aid and secondary back-up, I export the Craft note to Muse (iPad also) in PDF format, making sure the related notes are grouped either chronologically or thematically. After all is said and done, my Nebo notebook for interstitial notes remains empty (I erase them), since they are permanently preserved in Craft (aesthetic presentation) and in Muse (logical convergence and divergence of notes).

The real magic happens when I have my previous interstitial notes on Muse and a blank canvas on Nebo, thanks to Split View on the iPad. What shall I write about next? What emerges from my previous work? How can I use it as a resource for my present experience?

Happy trails, @trebso!

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[[WikiLinks]] are currently supported by a ton of software – out of the Markdown editors I’ve been using in the recent year or two, I’d say about 75% of them have that feature. Most traverse the whole library to look for the note with a matching name, some require a folder path [[like/this]].

So it’s supported by much more than Obsidian (off the top of my head, it would work in Taio, 1writer, Logseq, FSNotes…). Perhaps it could be an export option? “Keep Agenda note links” vs “Convert to wikilinks”?

EDIT: wikilinks would even work when importing into Craft which was mentioned in this discussion.


Amazing update, great new features.
Superb… simply the best!

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Brilliant to head @Berahaus :raised_hands:

Is there any specific reason why we got a tag manager but not a mention manager? I’m asking because there’s on find-and-replace in the app so the tag manager is the only easy way to mass-update text.

The obvious answer, that time is the bottleneck, we simply didn’t get to it yet.

Fair enough. Is it something on your radar for a future release? For my untrained brain it seems like it should be fairly straightforward to copy the logic used for tags.

Yes, definitely, as you say a lot of the work has been brought into place, but we want to make it part of a bigger update that also adds integration with the Addressbook/Contacts app.

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