Keyboard Shortcut - Insert Today’s Date



I looked for this topic, but couldn’t find a specific match.

What would be very useful would be a keyboard shortcut that simply inserted Today’s Date into the note at current cursor position. For all my #ai’s I want a date so that when I search on all #ai’s it’s clear when I entered the action item. It’s time consuming to type “01/16/19” instead of a cmd-D or something like that.



I use Typinator for doing things like this, in particular for inserting the date anywhere e.g. also in Finder.
But of course it would be also nice to have a basic function like this in Agenda, makes sense.


TextExpander is another app that works great for these types of things in Agenda.


Keyboard Maestro 8.2.4: Work Faster with Macros for macOS or Alfred - Productivity App for macOS can also do this.



See also this Talk post:


I use Automator and keyboard setting to insert stuff I can fetch from the unix command-line.
See conversation ➛ Time Stamp - a simple feature that could be very useful