Time Stamp - a simple feature that could be very useful



I find myself using Agenda as a business journal. All the activities of a day and sales calls etc are captured in a single note. A time stamp menu item would be useful so that I can capture the time as I’m talking with prospects etc. Then it moves the date aspect of Agenda, which is one of its key differentiatiors to the next level.”

Simply choose the menu item, or its hot key, and insert a time stamp at the cursor position in the note.


Have you tried either TextExpander or Keyboard Maestro? I use TE and here are two snippet examples that I use for time stamps - the first one triggers the date and time when I type “.dt” and the other triggers the date stamp with “.ds”.

2018.06.29 12:00 PM -

2018.06.29 -


Good idea. I use TextExpander.


Does indeed make sense to use something like TextExpander for this. We have ideas in this direction as well.