iOS Share extension plans?



Are there any plans to incorporate sharing from other apps to Agenda on iOS?

Agenda should show in iOS’ “share” feature

Yes, we have plans for share extensions.

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Ah, you might want to include Sharing to Agenda :wink: when trying to save something from this Forum that the user wants to view/accomplish later.


What is the status/timeframe of this? This is the one thing that is really keeping me from totally integrating Agenda into my daily workflow. For the time being, I am still using BEAR exclusively.


If I had a dollar for every time someone said “I could use Agenda if it just had x” :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, “x” is nearly always different.

The good news is that this has a reasonably high priority. We will get to it sooner or later, but it actually is a big project. It may seem like it is just a simple view to show, but we have to make our whole database accessible from different extensions at the same time. It’s actually a huge deal.


And if I had a dollar for every Note Taking app I gave tried that came and went because they didn’t listen to their devoted base……

I use Agenda every day…and Bear….I just want to use one. I love Agenda…but Bear can do things Agenda cannot. I REALLY LOVE Agenda…I want it to become the single repository for all my stuff. I will keep paying for this, becaue I want it to succeed.

I am an IT Project Manger…I totally understand what you are saying regarding database access (we are currently converting a 20 year old database) so please understand that my request is coming from a place of sincere desire to see your app succeed and grow.


We are absolutely listening. That is why we have this in our roadmap.

Just wanted to say it is not like some features, where we can just make a nice view and show that. We actually have to completely rewire internal parts of the app, so that data can be loaded from extensions while the app is not even running. It’s actually quite tricky, but we certainly have plans to do it.


Here’s hoping you make it your next Manhattan Project now that Attachments is ‘done’. :wink:


Wish it were that simple. We have lots of manhattan projects to choose from :slight_smile:

It’s high on the list though. Get to it sooner rather than later.


Maybe my reply came off more “salty” than I intended. It was meant to be more tongue in cheek!

I love what you are doing, I love that you are so involved with the community and I am here for the long haul. Keep up the great work.