iOS Share extension plans?

You can’t have everything at once and the Agenda team have not been kicking back and doing nothing since when this feature was first requested.

Although the share extension feature has not been released yet, a HUGE pile of other features have been released and a whole list of new features are going to be released soon. I’m not going to list every feature or call out what’s coming, do your homework and check recent updates from the team.

It’s all about prioritisation. I personally would love a password feature to stop prying eyes BEFORE share extension, but you won’t see me complaining why it’s not here yet.


I would be glad for macOS and iOS Share Menu integration too. I’m missing it :frowning:

Adding a cosign. Was about to switch back to Agenda (from Bear) full-time because of Reminders integration, but without share menu compatibility, I can’t integrate into my core workflows. As a product lead in my dayjob, I understand the difficulties in managing roadmap, but from a business PoV, I’d argue this is a table-stakes feature for relevancy in the notes market.

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I also would like Agenda to implement the iOS share sheet, but in the meantime, I’ve created/borrowed two Shortcuts that get me the desired behavior completely. One shares any selected text to Agenda, and the other shares files as attachments. You can use these from any app that has a Share button. If you’re missing native Agenda share sheet functionality, these should really do the trick for you.

File to Agenda: (thanks to marc.boulos for this one)

Text to Agenda:


  1. Make sure you have installed (App Store link)

  2. Share text or a file using the standard iOS “Share” button

  3. Tap “Shortcuts” in the bottom row of the share sheet.

  4. Tap the desired shortcut.

If you would rather these shortcuts append to an existing note than create a new note, you can alter the URL schemes in them to do this.

Agenda development team, not to toot my own horn but I think these Shortcuts or ones like them are so helpful in filling this feature gap that you might want to promote them (or your own more fully featured ones) in some way.


I’m in the same boat, poking around with Agenda, comparing it against Bear. But I share things using the iOS shortcuts all the time to/from Bear/Mail/Things/Safari. Very surprised that they’re not supported in Agenda!

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My exact workflow with the exception of using AirMail instead of Mail. Share extension should be a MUCH higher priority in my book

It is a very high priority. One of the next things on our list. The problem is that it is not as trivial as it seems. It has to work when the app is not running. We have to organize the internal passage of data so that everything works and syncs even when the app is not running. Stay tuned!


Thanks for the update! Sounds like you guys are on it :raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2:

Will this be implemented in iOS 13 / iPad os?

Not necessarily the case on macOS – most share extensions there launch the app when the extension is used – DEVONthink, OmniFocus, Curiota, Yoink – they all launch the app if the app is shut down.

Right, but the real need is iOS, where there are fewer options for moving the data around. We will tackle Mac and iOS together.