Share to Agenda - either text or files

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Since Agenda has not yet added share sheet functionality for getting text/files into Agenda from other apps, I’ve created/borrowed two Shortcuts that replicate this functionality completely. One shares any selected text to Agenda, and the other shares files as attachments. You can use these from any app that has a Share button. If you’re missing native Agenda share sheet functionality, these should really do the trick for you.

File to Agenda: Shortcuts (thanks to marc.boulos for this one)

Text to Agenda: Shortcuts


  1. Make sure you have installed (App Store link)
  2. Share text or a file using the standard iOS “Share” button
  3. Tap “Shortcuts” in the bottom row of the share sheet.
  4. Tap the desired shortcut.

If you would rather these shortcuts append to an existing note than create a new note, you can alter the URL schemes in them to do this.


Brilliant, thanks for sharing!

For OS X I’m noodling around with some workflows for Alfred. Someone already has an action that brings up a note, I wanted something a bit more flexible so I looked at a workflow that appends clipboard content to a note. I have some other ideas but I can certainly add something that attaches files as aprt of the suite

Excellent. Works like a charm and very customizable. Thank you!


Any idea what this is?

Had the same thing when ‘Text to Agenda’ shortcut tried to add note to non-existent Project
(at the moment of downloading it was hardcoded ‘Inbox’)

Yeah, I’m guessing that’s the reason. You have to send material to an existing project, so make sure the Shortcut is set up to send things to a project that exists.


Yup, that was the problem. Thanks guys!

After being able to try this, It’s easier for me to just copy/paste text anyway…

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