Attachments from Shortcuts appear as generic icons

quick question. Is there anyway to share attachments in a way that they aren’t a little paperclip but actually show the attachment itself? Im not that great with the shortcuts app. I tried to modify the selected text shortcut and failed miserably. So Id rather not tamper around since everytime I do there is an output error. Whether it be a PDF preview or image. I am really trying to migrate to this app for the purposes of using it as an editorial calendar. And I would love some visuals for my clippings and research. Any suggestions?

So you mean that if you add an attachment that is, eg, an image, it appears in Agenda just as a file, but you can’t see it as an image?

That sounds like a bug. It should be the same as when you just drag in an image.

Just tried it too: only appears as an attachment icon, not like a dragged and dropped image…

We’ll take a look. Thanks!

Just returning to this now…

Are you using the filename parameter in your x-callback? You need to provide the attachment data, but also a filename. The filename should have a file extension that gives the type of file. Eg. a PDF might be myfile.pdf

If you do that, I think the icon will then be for a PDF, and the same for other files. The file extension is used to recognise the file type, and choose the icon.