Save a web URL + short description

Hi :wave:
I’m new in here and still playing around with the uniques features of Agenda.
One thing surprised me (and correct me if I’m wrong) but Agenda does not appear in the share sheet on my iPhone !
I first thought it was a big lack.
When at the beginning of a project, I read a lot, but not necessarily with deep concentration and not necessarily the entire articles. My first steps are to find and store information - it has to go quick : I see something that may be intéressant, I store the URL in a note and I go further.
Then I come back later on my list of URL’s and read the articles more conscientiously and the work begins.

How do you do that with Agenda? Maybe I missed something !

But I created a short shortcut (:upside_down_face:) that llows me to do exactly what I needed.
For the curious ones of you, it is available here, no big shortcut, but I didn’t see something similar around :
Add article to Agenda

→ little explanation:
When on a web page, open the share sheet, select the shortcut action and this shortcut.
It will create a note in Agenda (you need to specify the project) with the title of the page as title of your note. The short description will also be kept as the author and date of publication, and last but not least the URL.


Yes, you are right we don’t have a share sheet yet. This is actually not as trivial as it seems, because we have to be able access the datastore and sync apparatus of Agenda without the app running. We have plans to tackle it, but haven’t got to it yet. (We also need quite a bit of UI to handle it, so you can pick which project to use etc.)

Shortcuts is a good workaround for now. You can also copy/paste, of course.


Copy/paste works too, but you get more elements with a shortcut :slight_smile:

Good to read many improvements are on track !

Sorry, but it doesn’t seem to work. The only thing the shortcut does is open an untitled note, but there is nothing in it; no title, no short description, no author and date and no URL. Hope you’ll fund out why…

I actually had the same on a webpage.
But works perfectly on others. I wonder if it depends on how the website is build, and if the correct tags are used…

Here the shortcut not using diffbot but the “safari” actions : add article to Agenda v2
If you select text before launching the shortcut, it will add it to the note as description. If not, it will just keep the name of the webpage as title, and the url as description.
You could add some “ask for input” action so you can add comment to the note from the shortcut.

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Thanks for V2 which is much faster. Unfortunately it seems that the URL is not pasted into the note?

Can you explain what URL you are trying to paste, and how it goes wrong? Where do you copy the URL? How does it paste in other apps like Apple Notes?

I directly tried this Website, so the URL of this Post.

With V1 it worked but took half a minute:

Hi folks

My bad, I gave you something unfinished !
v1 uses only diffbot action and take some times but gives more info.
v2 uses the safari action, is fast but don’t give much information (url and title of the page)

I updated a v3 only locally that first test if a diffbot information is available, if yes returns it (=v1) so with title, url and short description
if not returns the name of the page and its url, but no short description (=v2)

The diffbot action take some times unfortunately…

Here is the v3

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Wow, sounds good, thank you so much. The V2 would have been perfect but the URL didn’t appear in the note, that’s the only problem

Shortcut doesn’t seem to work on iOS 13.3

Anyone got this working?