Czech - Čeština

Translators: @jan.456cz @jarcec @alex1 @vervafecku @petrbouma94 @zdenek.mladek @pkloucek

Status: Started, inviting more translators

This topic is for discussion the Czech translation of Agenda. Feel free to leave your suggestions, corrections, and comments here.

Want to help translate Agenda to Czech? Reply to this post and we’ll add you to this translation project.

Do you encounter any issues, have suggestions or comments, leave a post here as well, your feedback is highly appreciated!

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Great! I can help. Add me, please. :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t think that I will be able to invest enough time to do actual translations, but I’m definitely happy to offer time to do peer reviews and testing the language in the actual product.

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Hi, I can help. :slight_smile:


Update: The Czech localization of Agenda is now officially underway :partying_face: with @jan.456cz, @jarcec, @alex1 taking a first stab at the first round of translation. As outlined here, we’ll add a number of reviewers once they have concluded the first round and will give all of you access to the test builds as things progress. To be continued…


Hi guys:) please for add me? I am czechhh!:slight_smile:

Great, I’ve added you to the team @vervafecku!

hello, can i be added too?

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I’ve added you to the group!


Would you like to be added to the translator group @zdenek.mladek?

Hey! Throw me in! I already did some translations. Cheers! :metal:t2:

Great to see @zdenek.mladek and @pkloucek joining the Czech translation efforts, I’ve added you to the group!