Agenda and Omnifocus

I love Agenda and it has quickly become a part of my workflow. The only thing missing for me is a close integration with Omnifocus. That would make it perfect for me.

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Can you give us an idea of the type of integration you would be looking for? Eg ability to add a checklist task to omnifocus? Add a link to an omnifocus item?

I think you can probably integrate a little with the share sheets of the two apps. It put a link to a note in omnifocus, and vice versa.

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In addition to the questions from Drew, please note that the Talk section of this community has a number of threads discussing how to have Agenda and OmniFocus work together, for example:


The “Share Note” menu greatly assists my primary workflow (Calendar, OmniFocus, Agenda). Also great to see DevonThink in there. Unfortunately OmniPlan has poor notes capability and I use “Copy as Agenda Link” to add meeting notes to OmniPlan tasks. Would be awesome to see some sort of integration between the two apps.

You hit the two forms of integration that came to my mind. I’d love to link Agenda documents to Omnifocus items. Add checklists to Omnifocus would also be cool.

Have you tried the sharing extension for a note? Eg. Cog menu at the bottom to the note, and then pick OmniFocus? I would think you could add a backlink to Omnifocus to the note in that way.

Thanks for the tip, works great. Still having a list of tasks as I have a list of appointments and connect it would be even better. :slight_smile:

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