Add todos to OmniFocus

I started with this shortcut for Things and adapted it for OmniFocus:

I also improved the shortcut so that it appends the links to the OmniFocus tasks to the end of the note. (It requires plain text instead of rich text now).

Here is the link:

I’d love to change the links behavior and would place them right in the line where the todo was before.
Unfortunately it seems that Agenda doesn’t support replacing a note with a new content. Only appending or creating a new one.
Maybe this can be added in a future release, @mekentosj ?


So you would like to wipe out the current contents entirely to be replaced with the new input?


- [ ] todo
- [ ] next
Some text

I filter out every line with [ ] and add it to OmniFocus.

Then I would like to replace the note above with:

- [todo](link)
- [next](link)
Some text

Currently I can only append having the items twice (checkmark and link).

Right, we could add this ability but it would be an all-or-nothing option, i.e. replace the entire content of the note, not replace a few paragraph and keep the rest.

Yes, this wouldn’t be an issue since I have the full text and could add the filtered lines as well.

This feature could also be useful for other use cases. Share text, reformat and write back to note.