Add todos to OmniFocus

Thanks for the link, very useful. I’m afraid however that the conclusions from @jandamm are probably right, we’d need something like x-callback-url support for reading the contents of your OmniFocus library. Not sure they added this since, but last time I checked you could only write things to OmniFocus, not read from it.

There is support for getting tasks using Shortcuts but I’m not sure if Agenda could run a shortcut in the “background” without the user actively triggering it.

True. My biggest use case would be the \remind shortcut to send a reminder to Omnifocus. I cloud do the “make a checklist and export the agenda note as markdown and have shortcuts parse it and then make Omnifocus tasks out of it” in the way that I have seen some people on here use shortcuts to do, which is fine. However, shortcuts doesn’t always work (crashes hard on this task the majority of the time)

It would be extra credit to read from Omnifocus, yes, but if I could just send my tasks from Agenda to Omnifocus natively without a Reminders middle ground (import from reminders), or the shortcut method, it would solve mine (and about 10 others I’ve seen on here)’s problem. Perfection is the enemy of good enough sometimes.

Don’t need to strive for full perfection if just creating tasks is what the majority need.

Totally agree. But this is currently not possible with the APIs Apple is providing.
If Agenda and OmniFocus would be from the same developer something like this would be possible.

Using url-schemes would work to create tasks in OF. But this would result in new tasks (when changing something) and it would interrupt the notes flow since it would switch apps for a second or so.

I haven’t had a deeper look at the APIs of iOS 15 so it might be possible then.

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