Agenda Tasks -> Things Inbox

Here is a shortcut that sends all lines in an Agenda note that include a checkbox to the Things inbox.

Let me know if you have any issues/questions with this.


Nice, thanks for sharing!

Works like a charm, thank you!

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Thanks! very useful indeed. I pasted the Agenda note link in the note title so that the agenda note link appears in the notes portion of the newly created Things 3 to-do. Thanks again for sharing. I now need to find a way to easily go in the other direction from Things 3 to Agenda.

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Hi, I’m a new user and trying to figure out if I should use agenda or things for my requirements. I have both on my iPad and iPhone. It looks like you’re working with both. Any reason why? Thanks.

They have very different strengths and weaknesses IMO. Things has great task management capabilities (I particularly love its very extensive keyboard shortcuts) but not great note-taking capabilities (no formatting, attachments etc.) Agenda has great note-taking capabilities but not task management capabilities (it’s not terrible, but without the ability to see all incomplete tasks across all my notes in one view, it really doesn’t work as a pure task manager for me. Its Reminders integration is pretty nice but I strongly prefer Things to Reminders and don’t want to switch.) Luckily, my 12.9” iPad Pro allows me to put both apps side-by-side, which is how I use the apps the majority of the time, and both feel like they have plenty of screen real estate. Also luckily, Shortcuts + URL schemes allow both apps to talk to each other if you want to go to the effort of setting them up correctly.

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I seem to have a problem here. I click on the link, and it takes me to a web page with a button to click, but when I do, Safari tells me it can’t open that address which starts with workflow://shortcuts/74e313c007ff480f9baaefce711d5f1c

What am I doing wrong here ?

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That’s weird. You’re using iOS, right? Do you have the Shortcuts app installed?

It says my security for shortcuts will not allow untrusted apps. You have to open the app to get security settings

Thanks, this helps!

I’m also looking into mind mapping apps as a visual tool to help me manage complex tasks. Any thoughts on that?

I have iOS 13.1 installed on all devices. I first tried on my desktop but shortcuts is not available there. Then I tried on my phone. Changing the security setting is not straightforward but I finally got that to work. Then I tried
it on my iPad and it does not work though it contends it is installed.

I have the same issue on OS, doing it from my MacBook

iOS Shortcuts won’t work on a MacBook, they are iOS only.