Agenda Tasks -> Things Inbox

Shortcut works like a champ for me! Thanks!

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I have never really bothered with Shortcuts, always seemed like too much effort but this is genius! Thanks so much for sharing :pray:

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Thanks @gbuell for this great shortcut! I modified it this way: The first line of the Agenda-Note (the Title) will be the Title of a new Things-Project and all tasks are included in this project. There are two Versions: one for „Things 3“ and one for „Things 3 for iPad“

Link to Things-3-Version

Link to Things-3-for-iPad-Version

I hope it works fine! The project will be created with x-callback and it seems that the Things-URL-Action depends on the App-Version of Things (iPad or normal version).


Im not very shortcut savvy, but is there a way to instead of making a project with to-do items as this shortcut does on ipad to make a shortcut that makes a to-do with checklist items?

This would be useful for adding to an already existing project that you get an update for or more action items for.

Would this work with reminders app as well?

thank you so much!i’m just looking for a short cut to Things 3

Thanks for sharing this shortcut!
I was able to add it to my shorcuts app, however when I run it, nothing happens (other than Things is opened at the end).

What step am I missing?

Are you on iOS14 by any chance?

Yeah - public beta.

Also, I was playing around with “things helper” on Mac. I can’t seem to get the agenda URL to add directly onto the task. Similar to how it works with the mail app or safari.

Is there a way to quickly get the URL link for a note? I currently right click on a note under “recently used” and click “copy as agenda link”


I believe that at the moment URLs are broken in the shortcut app, @heyscottyj was mentioning this I believe.

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Yes, but URLs seem to be performing better as of dev beta 3, so assuming it becomes the next public beta, these would be worth retesting then.

Good luck!