Omnifocus integration for tasks

it would be incredibly awesome to have the option of selecting which task management platform to use. reminders is a great app, i actually use omnifocus.

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We use Reminders, because the reminders database is actually available to every app. Any app can integrate with that, and it will then work with all other apps using it too.

Other apps not using it require specialised work for each. We may get to those later, but it is a lot of work.

For now, you can drag items back and forth between the apps, and also Copy As > Agenda Link, and paste those over too. On the Mac we also have a Sharing menu, and it is coming to iOS soon.

If you are planning to look at apps like OmniFocus, I would also like to see integration.


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The Omnifocus Share menu command is not very good, so I don’ t recommend using it. Instead, using the Omnifocus 3: Send to Inbox service works better. Make sure the service is active on your Mac and has a shortcut assigned. So:

  1. Select a note in Agenda or select text within a note, then
  2. Use the Edit > Copy as > Agenda Link, and finally
  3. Invoke the “OmniFocus 3: Send to Inbox” service either from the Agenda > Services menu or by that service’s shortcut.

The OmniFocus QuickEntry dialog will open with the text you selected in #1, and the Notes section will be open, where you can paste the Agenda Link from step #2. Finish off entering the project, dates, etc. and press Return to save the task in OF, which will now be linked to that Agenda note.

Actually a faster process than it takes to describe it, and the whole thing can be wrapped up in a Keyboard Maestro or a BetterTouchTool macro.


Just use Omnifocus to grab your ios reminders… It will automatically dissappear from reminders and only show in Omnifocus.

It will disappear from Agenda, too, and be considered done / deleted.

I believe the request is to have the same sort of integration with OmniFocus that Agenda has with Reminders.

Yes, true. My trick is to write the task in Agenda when i do notes and then just focus on Omnifocus about getting tasks done…