Web clipper browser extension for Agenda

Do you have plans of introducing any web-clipper tool(browser extension) for Agenda in the future? Lot of times we want to save webpages that we are reading


We do have plans to introduce a sharing sheet in future. Hopefully that will allow at least direct saving of links from Safari, but it may be possible to support capturing web pages too. We will see.

Thanks for the feedback!


Only Safari? Why not support it for other browsers too like Chrome?

and Firefox for Mac OS too will be great :slight_smile:
Now I select a webpage and paste in a note, but without the images :frowning:

We plan to support this through a sharing extension, which means it should be available in all apps supporting sharing extensions.

This is my numero uno feature request.

Hey Mkenetosj, how are you? Is that any place that I can see the list of next features that you guys will bring to Agenda? Thank you!

Have a look at: