Usage guidance

I have been using Agenda for a few months and I am beginning to wonder how does the average user come to grips with this app. There is no clear guidance from the developers on how to use it, and as each new feature is added, many new users may become even more confused. I would prefer to use a simple journal app plus a simple note-taking app, not a potential six-headed monster. Please, Bear, never go down this route.

Well, that’s the beauty of the Apple Store. If Agenda is not for you, don’t use it. For me the app’s a work in progress, but it’s already the most useful app on my iDevice(s).

p.s., FWIW, I just this weekend deleted my iOS Bear subscription.


I don’t think this is true as the sample documents should give some very clear guidance on how you can use the app (in addition to the intro tutorial), did you check these out? Also, aside the How To section in the built-in community, the Talk section offers many examples of how people use the app, including a number of examples we wrote like these:

Hope this helps!