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See above, there’s no interaction allowed other than a tap/click to open a URL.

Hi, at the moment I stopped using the widget, as it does not (visibly) update the events/Notes it is showing as I take things off “On the Agenda”

The v11.1 update, which is not far away, should improve things quite a bit.

That said, it is not all in our hands. We do update ask the system to update the widgets when things like on-the-agenda status change, but the system may take a while to process that. We also delay that a bit. When you take the note off the agenda, typically it will be about 5-10 seconds before we update the widget data and request the system update.

ATM the widget is not always showing the most recently edited note at the top. In 11.1 it will, and you will hopefully see whatever you changed last appear there.

We call it “Upcoming”, but really it is “relevant”. It is not only notes with dates, but can also include recently edited.

This section simply has the wrong name. Sometimes I read notes from the future or from the past, fixing typos, adding links, etc. Those notes are far away from being “Upcoming” but still they will appear now. Also there is no option to exclude notes from the trashbin. I deleted a bunch of old notes and stale projects and boom this widget was full of deleted notes. It doesnt even show the notes as deleted so I was confused as I thought deleting went wrong. I don’t want to see notes that I have in my bin no matter what and usually this is the default behavior (not showing notes from the trash bin that is) for apps that have a “bin”

I wonder if youve actually read the community feedback you received for that widget. Apparently nobody wants recently changed notes in the widget but the ones that are actually “upcoming”. So i’d suggest to

  • rename the “upcoming” thing to “Recently edited” (obviously!)
  • Add an option to choose other sections. At least “Agenda” and “Today”. But why not let us choose any “Category” or “Project” or whatever there is on the left menu bar to categorize notes, like most other notes widgets are doing…

Seriously guys. You call the App “Agenda”, “Agenda” is the one feature that makes this app different from other apps and therefore more useful for quiet some people and in the first iteration of your widget You add this pointless “Upcoming” thing? I read the thread where this feature got requested and where one of your team asked for feedback. Almost everybody replied something like “Well an option for showing notes on the Agenda and on Option for Todays notes would be nice”. Nobody replied “I like to have a new “Upcoming” feature and please make it show notes from the trash bin as well”. Something went horribly wrong when interpreting that feedback.

rename the “upcoming” thing to “Recently edited” (obviously!)

In fact I would replace this entirely by what the community has asked for but if your CEO really likes that MRU feature, please at least rename it.

That would be great. I have 3 trashed notes in my widget currently.


It is possible to have a different selection of notes for each widget size? I mean if apple allows it to eg. define 3 notes for the middle widget, and last edited notes for the large one.

I understand your post and agree partly.
I wait for v11.1, for sure Drew and Alex fixed some bugs and made the widget more useable.

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Most of the stuff you mention were just bugs (eg notes from the trash) largely forced into the release by Apple dropping the “iOS 14 will be out tomorrow” bombshell. Remember, we had no beta on this release at all. Apple didn’t give us a window to do that, and find those types of issues. So 11.1 will really be the first beta tested version of widgets, and it should be much better.

I do want to go into the “upcoming” aspect, because this is absolutely fundamental to Agenda. Yes, other options like On-the-Agenda and Today would be nice additions, but having a widget that shows an upcoming meeting at exactly the right time is what these things are all about, and what makes them so well suited to Agenda. Other note taking apps simply can’t do that, because they don’t have the date information. So I completely disagree with you here. We saw an opportunity to make something that could surface the right notes at the right time, and that is what we made. No regrets at all.

As we have already said a dozen times, this was a first effort at widgets. We wanted something that would be general, and showing notes with an upcoming time/date, and recently edited notes, is a good choice for a general purpose widget. In future, we always planned to add other types of widgets, include on-the-agenda, and a widget to show a particular note.


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Is it possible to do two kinds of widgets? One that is OTA / recently edited, and another that is upcoming? Personally I would find that super useful - I want quick access to the notes I’m actively working on, but would also benefit from seeing notes related to upcoming meetings.

See our earlier comments, in short, yes, multiple configurations like that are “on the agenda” for a future update.


For what it’s worth, my vote on this widget –

  1. Most useful would be an option to see my “on the agenda” items (and nothing else)
  2. Second most useful, would be a view of notes in the future
  3. Of basically zero usefulness in my book, anything that is marked completed (checked off) or no longer “on the agenda”
  4. If anything from the past shows up, it should be deprioritized below items 1 and 2 above

I will admit to being very disappointed with the Widget. I want it to show “On The Agenda” or “Today”, and if those are blank, say “Nothing Pending”.

Right now I am getting a display of 3 different entries done a year ago related to tasks I needed to accomplish when my brother passed away. I have no control over this. There are no DATES, and they were not EDITED recently … and most are marked DONE.

I also have “Things” and it selects “Today” or shows there are no entries. That makes sense, and is actually helpful. We have absolutely no control over this. I really would appreciate having this work as the others are also requesting.

See the above discussion, and two posts above:

The Upcoming widget was rushed out with a few bugs. We have fixes coming very soon in the next release. I have been testing it, and it is much better now. Shows you logical things, like recent edits and notes coming up today.

The other types of widgets are also planned (eg on-the-agenda). We had to start somewhere, and the ability to show notes with dates in the near future is powerful — something we can do that few other note apps can.


I’m glad to hear that there are plans in the work for an OTA version of the Widget.

Could there also be a filter that removes notes that are marked “Done”? Personally, I have zero need for the widget to display notes that I mark Done.

Right now I use the single note widget because I like that it previews the contents, and it will randomly show me notes from 2019. I made them Done to try to remove them from showing up, but it doesn’t make a difference.

Adding another 2cents…

I’d really like the widget to let me choose one of my saved searches. If I could do this, I’d have it display my “Due Soon” search, which is an “On the Agenda + #due(3 days)” search, which is perfect.

I’d also like it if the widget had an ‘show more’ button (disclosure arrow) so that I could just tap it and see more items (without actually switching to the Agenda app).

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