Undo / Redo

Do you plan to add the possibility of undoing or redoing the last action or a historical number of them?

Thank you.


You can already undo the last action. Unfortunately, the undo system didn’t work out as well as we hoped, and we have some improvements to make. Sometimes it undoes more than you would want.

We don’t have plans for multiple undo at this point.


First post, looking forward to try Agenda :slight_smile:

Yeah, a “trashcan” holding all the erased stuff is definitely a must.

The undo is probably my biggest source of frustration with Agenda.

The current undo systen seems almost random, I never have a clue as to how much or how little it will undo, and reverting formatting seems impossible. It’s also quite laggy, there’s a pause between hitting cmd-z and the undo action happening, which means I often hit undo twice, and thus undo way more than I intended, and then need to redo, which is also a bit laggy

Apart from that, I’m liking Agenda a lot, it’s a very interesting take on note taking and todos!


Yes, I’m afraid undo leaves a bit to be desired at this point. We know what we need to do to improve it, but it is not a small project unfortunately.

The current system is not totally random though. It is based on when you stop doing things. If you stop typing for about 5 seconds, it should checkpoint the undo.

But the behavior is not how we would like it, and we will be improving it.

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Hi, undo works pretty weirdly and it’s slow.
It’s one of the most used actions while taking notes…

Is there a status on this issue?

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Still on the fix list, see The issues we are fixing right now…

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Right now Undo is not working properly at all. I’ve been trying to edit notes on a meeting before sending them to attendees, and on three occasions when I’ve tried to undo something I’ve done in error, it has failed to do so. What it HAS done is undo actions PRIOR to the last one, with the result that I’ve ended up having to recreate whole sections. Three times. I’ve basically given up and I’m about to export to a format where I can actually correct the text without having more errors introduced. I know you’re working on this, but I want to reinforce that this is an absolutely ESSENTIAL fix.


We know, it’s one of the things we want to tackle immediately after images and attachments are out.

I would respectfully suggest that you move it up on your agenda. I’d love to be able to include images and attachments, but consider them to be an extra benefit, whereas the undo function is really fundamental to functionality. Undo is so commonly used that for most people it’s a reflex, so it’s not that easy to stop yourself from using it. I permanently lost some big segments of my notes and had to try to recreate them from memory—and I’m not sure I remembered everything. Randomly losing content is a serious problem, and if people are using the app for work this could have some very unfortunate real-world consequences for them.

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Alas, images and attachments first.

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We have plans to get to this very soon. Note that even if the undo doesn’t work as you expect in some cases, you should generally be able to get back your data by using redo.

I also have massive problems with undo as it stands. It seems to undo way too much, and it also feels very laggy. Definitely a major issue right now and I have also almost lost work because of it

New user here (using for a few weeks). First time I had to do an Undo and the behavior it had bummed me out – even lost some entry permanently (not redoable).

The “5 seconds inactivity checkpoint” thing is totally counter intuitive, it should use something like the Command pattern, and not random granularity based on user pauses.

Hope you get it fixed soon.

Not sure what you mean by “command pattern” in this instance. Internally, it is using the command design pattern, if that is what you are referring to. But that has nothing to do with when the checkpoints are made.

We have a bug fix for undo coming that will hopefully help a number of cases. In addition, as soon as images and attachments are rolled out, we plan to dig deep and completely rewrite the undo code, which is not a small task.

Just started trying Agenda for the first time, and while I love the app and the methodology I’m not sure I understand why Undo isn’t properly supported in an app that is primarily a text editor. In the last 30 minutes this has frustrated me to the point that I’ve given up even trying to use this app until this is sorted out.

I really like Agenda and want to integrate this into my workflow, but many of the editing features seem unintuitive and when I try to modify a specific section only to see it modify another section seemingly arbitrarily. Then I’m stuck having to re-make the prior sections. Gah! It’s maddening. :frowning:

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We are working on it right now.

Note that undo is much, much more complex in Agenda than it is in a standard single text area editor. We have to track a lot more context, with lists of notes, each with its own editor etc.

That said, we have ideas to improve it, and it should not be very long. As I said, it is what we are currently working on.


Thanks!! I found Agenda a few days ago and absolutely fell in love with it, but the undo scares me… sometimes it changes the text, and redo is unable to fix the changes made with undo.

Mostly I’m just using Agenda as a shopping list but would love to use it to replace Apple Notes, and would absolutely want to pay for it. Thanks for taking a look at it! I know how hard and annoying implementing Undo can be, so I’m rooting for your team!

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Yep, it’s a great app, but if you can’t trust your editor than you quickly start to doubt the app.

Drew has made the changes and an update with much better undo support should be out soon.