Undo / Redo



Version 4.1 is available now, and undo should be rock solid. Let us know if you still have any issues.


it’s not working properly. Pressing CMD+Z still either does too much or too little, does not go back to the point where it should go back to (I had an issue today where it could not restore a huge amount of text that got lost while in theory, it should come back after two or three clicks) and occasionally puts text to a different point in the note. I found text being at the very bottom of a note while it was somewhere else prior to that.


Are you sure you have the latest version of the app installed? If you choose Agenda > About, what version is shown?


The problems occured on the 4.0 version, so it seems as if you are right. My apologies. I just downloaded 4.1, lets see how this turns out.


OK, good to hear. Would be worrying if the same undo bugs were arising given we completely rewrote that code.