Undo is horrible



The undo/redo feature is consistently a problem. I make a mistake, maybe paste text I didn’t intend, immediately press cmd + z to undo, and nothing happens… i undo something else. or did i? i can’t tell because it’s never clear! i make one wrong click and i’m not able to redo. somehow a click outside the note breaks the process. it’s terrible. please fix!


We’ve made major improvements to undo in the upcoming update that is currently in beta.


Absolutely - I was multitasking in ipad pro & accidentally cut a huge swathe of text. Undo did nothing so text (& ideas) gone for ever. Pretty distressing. :anguished:
Seems like the most basic feature. :anguished:


The beta is almost out, if you want you can switch already to it on the Mac by following these instructions. Apologies for the hassle this has caused :frowning:


Version 4.1 is available now, and undo should be rock solid. Let us know if you still have any issues.