Undo is horrible

The undo/redo feature is consistently a problem. I make a mistake, maybe paste text I didn’t intend, immediately press cmd + z to undo, and nothing happens… i undo something else. or did i? i can’t tell because it’s never clear! i make one wrong click and i’m not able to redo. somehow a click outside the note breaks the process. it’s terrible. please fix!

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We’ve made major improvements to undo in the upcoming update that is currently in beta.


Absolutely - I was multitasking in ipad pro & accidentally cut a huge swathe of text. Undo did nothing so text (& ideas) gone for ever. Pretty distressing. :anguished:
Seems like the most basic feature. :anguished:

The beta is almost out, if you want you can switch already to it on the Mac by following these instructions. Apologies for the hassle this has caused :frowning:

Version 4.1 is available now, and undo should be rock solid. Let us know if you still have any issues.

I’m reopening this. Undo is unpredictable. Sometimes I just want to go back a few lines that I’ve typed in, but hitting undo sends me back to the last card I was looking at. I’m not sure what I undid!

I’ll try to better recreate the situation later. I’m just out of time right now to give accurate feedback. This is a great app, I want to see it improve!

The undo itself should work. What you are seeing is that when you undo, it takes you back to what you were doing before that undo, which may actually be another note.

We will think about how best to handle this. It’s a bit tricky because Agenda has many notes and projects. It’s not just a single note where you can undo the text change. We have to support undo of adding notes, moving notes etc etc.

I think the best would probably be to try to capture navigation through the app as an undoable event. Then it would undo back to the start of your editing the note, and pressing undo again would go to the previous note.

But I’m not 100% sure. If you have opinions about how it should work, let us know.