Now available: 4.1 beta for macOS


Please read these instructions on how to join the beta program if you’d like to get early access.


  • Undo/redo is much faster and more reliable
  • Undo/redo restores the text selection as it was
  • The app feels faster in general
  • Handling of calendars with many events is faster


  • Undo could make unexpected changes. That should not happen anymore
  • Continuity Camera scans now work

Taking Notes
The issues we are fixing right now…
Just lost data
Undo is horrible

Slight bug in 4.1 i’ve encountered - when collapsing notes, the note does not fully collapse. instead, it no longer displays the content but the cell outline remains same size but blank on interior


Also, no longer able to add or remove items On the Agenda.


Thanks for reporting, we are indeed aware of both and on it, will try to make sure both are fixed in the next beta. I’ve added both items above in the release notes.


Did the iOS build get pulled? I saw the email notification, but TestFlight doesn’t show it.

Thanks, looking forward to seeing the improvements, and love this team’s awesome work!



Yes, it was pulled. Had a couple of nasty bugs.

Good news is there is a new build, and it is much better. Download now via TestFlight.


Both bugs should be fixed now.


just installed the update and everything seems to be running smooth. Thanks @drewmccormack!


Given the extend of the changes there might be more issues out there like the ones that were fixed today, please keep a close eye and let us know if you find any. Thanks!


4.1 on macOS seems snappier to load. Thanks for that!


Thankyou! Undo issues were my biggest concern and why I recommended against it, will happily recommend now!