Tracking work to finish - Saved search for incomplete tasks?

Hi - does anyone have a good way to track tasks that are incomplete across multiple days/projects? I was thinking a saved search might work well here but I haven’t had any luck in setting up a search that can only find tasks… and to be clear, I’m not talking about completing the entire note (though maybe I should look at that), but instead completing tasks within notes.

Have a look at: Sneak peek: Remind Me Again Why I Love Agenda
We are all waiting for reminders integration which will do the trick!

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I guess I had forgotten about this. Reminders integration for me is a (very) nice to have, but not critical. If the path for Agenda is to make all todos into reminder items that’s fine. I also saw this which would effectively do what I would like.

I just need to be a little more patient. :clock1130:

Thanks Stefan!

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Yes, while Reminders can partially address this, we also still would like to add an overview for unchecked checklist items at some point in the future.